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How do I get multiple files working? For example, I have a sound.swf which is loaded by the main.swf. I upload sound.swf as an “additional file for game”, thinking it would be in the same directory as the main.swf, but it ain’t there.

Ideally, I’d like to upload a directory on the same level as the main.swf. with multiple .swfs to be loaded by the main.swf.

Any ideas?

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Import sound.swf into main.swf? It’s probably not a good idea to use multiple .swfs anyway, as most sites probably won’t let you have any multiple file support, and the whole thing becomes a bit more messy.

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Yeah, I know that most of the free upload sites don’t support multiple files. For serious Flash development, though, it’s pretty standard. Not only can you share assets across games (intro screens, touts to other games, etc.) but you don’t have to compress EVERYTHING every time (sound especially can take a long time).

Still don’t understand what “additional files for game” is for if not that.