[Beginner] Questions about Developing Games for Kong

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Hey All,

I have just recently started learning to program through an intro course in programming at my university, which uses a teaching program called DrRacket.

I want to test my abilities by creating a game, but know that there are significant differences between what I’ve been doing, and what I’ll need to know to make a game for Kong.

So here are my first couple questions (feel free to point my to links that discuss these sort of things):

1) What program should I be using (or can I be using) to make games for Kong? Preferably not too complicated, and preferably free.

2) What resolutions are possible in games on Kong?

Thanks in advance for the help, and I’m sure I will have many more questions as I move along in this project.


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Resolution:max width 800, height….you choose. 600 is a good number to fit with 800 width, but you could probably go to….mebe 641 or whatever if you have a particular reason to….without problems.

Program (free): Flashdevelop for the programming, anything you like for the art (MSPaint, photoshop, whatever).

Program (simple): ?

Also you should look out for stickies with [READ BEFORE POSTING] in the title, and read them, before posting.

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Originally posted by Amibtious:

Also you should look out for stickies with [READ BEFORE POSTING] in the title, and read them, before posting.

Oops, I feel slightly silly ;)

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You’ll need a compiler if you’re wanting to go the Flash route. Adobe has a free one for AS3. So does Haxe. I’ve never used Haxe but I’ve heard good things.

Another route to consider is Unity. I’ve never used it either though.

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So far, I’ve been following one of the tutorials on the topic that Amibtious referenced, which has led me to download:

1) Flash Develop
2) Flex SDK
3) Something else I forget…

And I’m doing a practice program with AS3 on the same tutorial, and things are starting to click a little. It’s weird because I’m used to a completely different way of organizing things, but all the same elements are there, just written differently (and in a way I like less). I’ll probably stick with this method for a while, at least a few games (assuming I ever finish a game :P) before trying anything else.