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Procedurally generated stealth/hacking game. 90% level generation done, next step is pathing.

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GreenOrb. An rpg like, you can play a Paladin, a dwarf or sorcerer. You can enrole mercenaries to help your heroes in his quest…

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Particles everywhere…

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You remembering to use a pool, fear?

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I’ve got a vector full of particles and I store the index of the last active particle.
A vector full of 100 particles, only the first 80 are active, so my update and draw loops run from 0 to 80. If I want a new particle and if particles.length-1 != the index of the last active particle, the first inactive particle is reset and the index is incremented.

I’ve used as many hacks as I could find to get away with using copyPixels rather than draw (prerendered alpha channels instead of alpha, using threshold to replace colours), but rotation and scaling seemingly leave me no choice. So I’m thinking I’ll use copyPixels where I can but fall back to draw when I am forced to. I’ll put up some code later if you’re interested.

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Say Enigmata Stellar War has at least 32 bitmaps per object prerendered, so you can avoid draw for rotation. Also, you can use alpha bitmap to draw a particle with desired alpha. (I’ve used a screen wide single static bitmap of ~3x height, gradiently filled with 0×808080 from 1 alpha to 0 downwards, so that I’m able to give it a Y position corresponding to whatever alpha I want, and the relative fadeout on a particle will be pretty small to notice.) So, you can draw rotated bitmap with alpha using copyPixels too, and you’ll not eat up too much memory.

public var alphaBD:BitmapData;
alphaBD = new BitmapData(mainBD.width, 3 * mainBD.height, true, 0xff000000); // now to draw a gradient. Let's use 0.25*MainBD.height for full fields
			var mat:Matrix = new Matrix();
			mat.createGradientBox(alphaBD.width, alphaBD.height - 0.5 * mainBD.height, Math.PI/2, 0, 0.25 * mainBD.height);
			var sh:Shape = new Shape();, 0, 0);'linear', [0x808080, 0x808080], [1, 0], [0, 255], mat);, 0, alphaBD.width, alphaBD.height);
			sh.cacheAsBitmap = true;
			alphaBD.draw(sh, null, null, BlendMode.ALPHA);
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Yeah, it seems there’s a fairly simple trade-off between prerendering and using copyPixels or just using draw. At the moment I’ve got alpha and colour (for a solid coloured particle) working with copyPixels. Rotation could also work prerendered, and I suppose scaling could depending on the range I require.

Here’s my code for using prerendered alpha channels with copyPixels:

var alphas:Vector.<BitmapData> = new Vector.<BitmapData>();
//create 11 bitmap datas, from 0.0 to 1.0 alpha (only the middle 9 are required though)
//I will use more to have greater alpha precision later.
//These only need to be created for the largest particle. In this case I only have circle.
for(var i:int = 0;i<11;i++){
	alphas[i] = new BitmapData(circle.width,circle.height,true,((0xFF*0.1*(i))<<24));
//in each particles draw function
//image is the static bmd of the base image of the particle

//And for setting the colour of a solid colour particle
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my first unity game, been on this one for close to 3 months. almost ready. its like eve and homeworld. survive in space, mine rocks, trade between stations, hunt pirates.

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Originally posted by momoguru:

my first unity game, been on this one for close to 3 months. almost ready. its like eve and homeworld. survive in space, mine rocks, trade between stations, hunt pirates.

really impressive gfx. The texture of ships are a bit grey,more coloured texture could be better. Anyway really impressive.

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The mainScreen:

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thanx zzulian, being an old QBASIC guy, i have a soft spot for good pixel art. lemme know when ur project is done, would be glad to help ya test it.

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Hopefully, I can get this platformer game done by the end of this month. All the game music has been done so far. :)

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@Draco18s Dude. That is sickkk. Is this something you’re just whipping up for fun, will I get to see it go public?

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Originally posted by ArcStudios:

@Draco18s Dude. That is sickkk. Is this something you’re just whipping up for fun, will I get to see it go public?

Yup, just a little something-something to keep myself busy.
I get about two to three hours to work on it in a given day, most of which is spent testing and debugging a handful of lines of code.

Heck, I even wrote my own A* with JPS. The raw A* wasn’t too hard to do, either. JPS has a HUGE number of edge cases to deal with though. My implementation probably isn’t as optimized as it should be, and is a little greedier too, but it was significantly faster. Got to go in and do some node pruning to smooth out the resulting path a bit, but that’s easy enough.

And yes. It will eventually be public. It’s not going to ever be a full game, just a framework that acts as an automated system for a table-top RPG. So don’t be surprised if its pretty basic.

It’s pretty playable though. At this point, aside from the A* pruning, I’m pretty much just building out the mechanics and tuning the balance. I’m a little disappointed that corridors are so tight and narrow, but I’m not sure how to go about widening them up without ruining the whole “door placement” code. Or making them look weird. Scaling up the whole level uniformly would also break a TON of things code-wise.

Fortunately, per design, having a guard pop out from around a bend in a hallway unexpectedly isn’t that detrimental. A little shocking, but most, if not all, of the time they should just move right on by without registering that you’re there.

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Originally posted by momoguru:

thanx zzulian, being an old QBASIC guy, i have a soft spot for good pixel art. lemme know when It’s done

I released the game if you want to test:
Feedback are welcome;

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Alright, this seems like the right place to start my Kong forum experience, whilst including a screenshot of my current work.

I’d say the image is pretty self-explanatory… :-)

So, to all of you. Hi!

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Originally posted by ItsaMeeeeeMario:

Had to showcase one of the better spell animations. ;)

This game looks awesome, i need to play it today

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Originally posted by DannyDaNinja:

Looks good, Danny. How close is the game to being finished?

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Didn’t know that this thread exists.
I guess I share a screenshot too from my game “501” which has been finished several hours ago.

It is a game with 3×3 pixel resolution so it might a bit hard to figure out what it is (This is zoomed, the real one is 3×3 pixels)

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Im making this game called axel(name not final) and this is basicly its graphic style, i dont want to give away too much becouse i havent seen a concept like this ever so id like to keep some exitement, this is my first game which is not a school project. Im not uploading this on this account though im uploading it on my Nazzergames account.(whole picture wont show for some reason, full image: )

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Oh why not.

I’ve been trying to get the layout of this status/equip/inventory screen arranged in a way that pleases me. I’m happy with most of it, with the exception of the stats (the icons/numbers on the right side) which look messy. I’m open to suggestions—should I box the icon/number pairs? (There’s tooltips to indicate what each icon represents)

PS: Most of these graphics are temporary crap I threw together and won’t be used in the actual game, except for a few of the icons. My main focus right now is making sure the layout is functional before I work on refining the aesthetics.

I hate UIs. UIs are hard.

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For the pairs at the bottom of the stats panel, have you tried writing the number on top of the symbol? That way you can have bigger numbers, bigger symbols, and it completely removes the issue of deciding which number goes with which symbol. If you decide to do that, I recommend adding some effects to make the numbers stand out, or even drawing your own with some bitmap editor.

You have a lot of room on the Exp and gold lines. I don’t know about the gold, but what about an Exp bar with, again, the numbers on top? Also, I was about to suggest displaying the level as well before I realized it was already displayed, but on the character portrait for some reason. How about bringing it over and making it share a line with the gold?

That wide gap between the top panels and the bottom panel looks weird. Do you write or display anything in there?

The paperdoll/equipment panel is unbalanced, with equipment slots too close together vertically and too far apart horizontally. The character portrait is not centered. Can you make the items bigger and have inventory take more of the space? Portrait and stats look like they’re hogging a lot of room for not much effect anyway.

Of course, this is all coming from a guy who sucks at UI design, so take it all with a pound of salt.

Nothing to say about the popup description for the weapon, except that it gave me a good laugh. ^^

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Are the images/numbers on the right resistances or attack (if there are resistances of particular types, there must be attacks of each type as well, and vice versa)? Obviously the crossed swords indicate attack (or possibly physical damage rather than “elemental” damage), but how does that apply towards resistances? If I’m not completely misinterpreting that, maybe use an attack/defense system (e.g., 0/-10 dark would indicate no dark attack and 10 susceptibility to dark damage)… Also, consider showing item stat adjustments when showing info for item, if you’re not doing that already (e.g., “Shlong of the Sun” sword increases light damage +1 over what the currently-equipped “Dawnbringer” gives, plus +2 fire damage, but -1 to the currently-equipped necklace’s ice defense). If you don’t want to overlay numbers on the images, at least make the spacing such that the smaller spacing represents the pairing (right now, the larger spacing does, which draws the eye to the wrong pairs at a glance: 1 and the red thing, 0 and the blue thing, etc). Since you are right-justifying an unknown number of characters (3 max, I imagine), it would be easiest to shift the numbers to the left side, so that the static side is always close.

Depending on the depth and complexity of inventory, tabs for item types might be good (one section for each of the equip types and one for consumables). Being able to sort the items by specified criteria would be good (maybe clicking on the attack side of the fire icon would sort current inventory page by which items have the highest fire damage)… Obviously that would take a bit to implement, but I think your players would appreciate it (or maybe it wouldn’t be worth it, I don’t know — I really think it depends on just how potentially large and diverse your inventory gets).

I’m assuming the item descriptions are explained somewhere (for instance, what does the [31] mean? Is it the item’s “catalogue number”, level, durability…? What does power mean in relation to attack, “elements”, etc? Is it a damage multiplier/modifier, how much energy/MP/AP it takes to use, a stat modifier…?).

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Thanks guys, that's more critique than I was expecting, but it's welcome of course:


1) I considered putting the numbers on the icons, however for some reason, hadn't considered making the icons bigger. Don't ask me why, I don't even know. Probably because they're all on the same 35x35 sheet, but I really don't see any reason why they need to be strictly square-shaped.

2) The Exp and gold lines are a bit oversized, but that was mainly because I was trying to fill up space, but also, because I wanted to leave room in case the text gets too long. Exp is understandable, because I want to show both the total exp and the amount needed for the next level, but even that shouldn't get too long. I suppose level and gold could occupy the top line, then exp could be its own line, only with a bar instead of numbers. Players love bars. :D

3) Wide gap? I assume you mean the gap between the inventory box and the top 2 boxes? Originally, I was going to put sort buttons, as well as previous/next page button and other things, but really, none of that is necessary. I plan on demolishing the rightmost inventory column so I can put the previous/next buttons there, as well as a trash can. Or better yet, maybe a disenchant/instant sell icon. Back to the gap though, I'll probably end up just getting rid of it. It's a leftover that I just haven't gotten around to cleaning up yet.

4) Equipment panel. The character portrait isn't really a concern right now, since it's just filler/junk art (it's the final boss asset from my last game, rofl) I threw in to make sure for the sake of testing. As for the equipment slots, Yeah I need to space them apart a bit more, not sure how I even overlooked that.

5) Inventory and the overall layout. I'm very happy with the item size at 35x35, so that's probably not going to change. The other problem is that, while the top 2 panels don't need as much room as they have, if I squish them, any art asset I use would have to be wider than what you see now, which believe me, sucks. I could counter that by also widening the stats frame, but now I have to struggle to fill it up even more. This is why I hate UI design. ;)


The numbers are resistances. I originally had text saying "Resistances" however it looked really awkward so I removed it. Mousing over any of them explains clearly what they are. The crossed swords is indeed attack power, which is actually a general indication of overall attack power based on both base stats and equipped items. The game's mechanics are such that listing individual attack power values for each damage type is relatively pointless; all damage is based on the attack power value.

Oh also, items already do show stat modifiers, but only if they provide any kind of bonus/penalty. That "legendary" sword does indeed have a meager attack power bonus of 1 and nothing else--I generated it and several others randomly to test things out, so the values are all weird. You should see the horiffically-moronic bullet pattern it fires. :o

Interesting that you thought the accessories and weapons were paired, because they're not supposed to be. I guess that shows that having them so close was something I really, really overlooked and need to address.

Inventory and sorting: That's a good idea. I was originally going to put buttons to "hide" anything that wasn't a weapon, or an offhand, or accessory, etc, but that (a single sort button with the previous/next/trash icons) might actually be a better way to do it. And much easier.

The [31] is the icon ID, and really only exists for debugging purposes. "Power" probably should be renamed to "Attack Power" since that's what it's called on the stat screen. Attack Power is additive and this will be easy to see when things are equipped/unequipped. Damage type (or in some cases, types) isn't shown currently, but will be. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But I make heavy use of tooltips to explain everything, so people should know what things do if they take the time to read. My biggest concern is getting everything lined up just right, and I swear, it's proving to be harder than making the actual game engine. Fuck UIs. ;)