Save game to android phone with as2

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I understand how to save games to a computer with AS2. I understand AS2 is outdated, old, “retarded”, and the many other likely responses I will get. I understand I should switch to the newer, more popular, AS3. I don’t care.

I use AS2 to make fun minigames and apps. I don’t use it for complex things.

Thank gosh that’s over! Now to business: I need some help.

Anyone out there know if the protocol is different when saving to an android phone with AS2? I don’t have a phone to test it, and can’t afford test-drive software. A few things would be really helpful!

1) Any knowledge you have of saving to android (AS2 only)

2) Any free program that I can use to test flash games on Android.

Thanks guys!

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You cant actually ‘run’ as2 on android phones unless your running it in the browser, in which case I don’t think its possible to do.