Security API for Android and IPhone?

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Hi everyone. I was just wondering if something like this existed on the Net, cause I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to make it.
I don’t like stealing. Nobody likes stealing. Yet today, there are all too many applications that can be stolen and put on 4shared, so the public can download them for free. I was thinking, say someone put an iPhone/Android app onto their smartphone. Now, what if we could make code such, the first time the app is installed, the application code changes such that if the application was moved to a different smartphone, the application would detect a different smartphone is using the app, and bar the user from access.
I know this is probably already possible with C. However, I am an AS3 developer by heart and don’t know any sort of AS3 code that could do that. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any idea of where to find that sort of coding.

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The problem is that the thief could very easily detect what you did, and cheat around it. All he needs to do is take the “pure” program and the “locked” program and compare them to see where you put this hidden code. Then he just deletes this code and distributes the fixed version of your app.

If the thief really wants to steal your app, he is going to succeed. :(
Just look at Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Even they can’t stop their games from being pirated.

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Well, I guess you’re right… But if I did lock it, it would still take some time for the thief to find that particular piece of code to delete it, right? That’s why I’m trying to add security- so while my app would probably get stolen in the end, it would still give me (and anyone else who uses it) time.

So I guess I’ll still look, and once again would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks for the warning though! :D