Dynamic variables in a loop

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Hi, can I do something like this in actionscript?

for (i=1;i<5;i++){
myvar&i = i;

so in the end I have 5 variables:

myvar1 = 1
myvar2 = 2
myvar3 = 3
myvar4 = 4
myvar5 = 5

Or is this impossible? I’m trying to clean up some of my code and would love to get this working. Thanks!


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Found my answer finally. Thanks!

set (“myvar” + i, i);

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You could just use an array. In as2 (not sure about as3) you don’t even need to specify the length of the array, you can just keep adding elements.

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Why do you need variables like that? Its better to use proper methods like an array as undersiege pointed out. The set() method is a Flash 4 method, which shouldn’t really be used anymore.

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As the other two have said, that’s a really bad method of doing it – It’ll be a real pain to try and get that information back out again, using an array would be better:

myArray = new Array()

for (i=1;i<5;i++){ myArray[i] = i; }

However, if you are desperate to go about it your way, I think you can do something along the lines of

myvar.i = i;

which ends up as myvar1, myvar2 etc., but that probably isn’t the exact solution, you’ll need to look it up. Much better to use the array

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You can do _root["myvar"+i] = i; (as2)

Not really recommended, though – use an array…

@kalinium, that can’t be right. Surely that would just set the “i” variable of myvar over and over?

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It’s actually 5 different movie clips. I’m using the same logic based on info I store in a tree to set their visibility to true or false. My code looks like this:

set(“myvid” + i + “._visible”, false); (or true based on logic statements before it)

Should I create an array of movieclips and enter each of those into the array and change it like that?

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No, just do:

root["myvid"+i].visible = false;

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Hmmm… That worked.

Wow, I really have no idea how to program in flash =).

Thanks for everyone’s help. And everyone’s help in the past as well. This forum has been a great place to get answers for my stupid questions!