GiTD Template.

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GiTD Template

All links are updated with the most recent versions of the files.
Current build: 2.0.3

What is it?
It’s a collection of files that will save you a lot of time when developing your GiTD games.
The project includes all the necessary code to display and use a main menu, an options screen and a credits page, as well as a preloader and an intro animation.

Bazaar: bzr branch lp:~senekis+/gitd/v2.0 or bzr branch lp:gitd.
Browse files.

How to use:
Extract the files and read the INSTRUCTIONS.txt file.

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It’d be nice if it were shinier, maybe I’ll fork it later.

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It’s a great idea and I love the transitions, some of them are a bit slow though. I think it does actually need a bit of a spice though, I don’t like the colours :P

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The spinning menus will be great when the theme arrow finally lands on “oldschool movies.” :D

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That’d be nice, Truefire.

About the colors, they can be easily modified, which is the purpose of this: You spend 5 – 10 minutes editing it and that’s it, you use the rest of your time to work on your game.

It took me like two minutes to turn the uploaded template into this.

E:In this case, all transitions are random, but you can edit the animate calls and pass the transition that you want, or simply edit the BDTweens class and remove the slow ones from the vector.

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^ That’s some pretty fancy witchcraft you have going on with your name…logo…thing.

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It’s basically this:

// these two take take care of the whole fancy effect
blur=new BlurFilter(3,3,1);
ct=new ColorTransform(0,0,0,1,0,0,0,-5); 

//then you add your image and loop through its pixels
// if true, you create a particle, and set its target property to the current X,Y (plus offset of the image), then you add it at a random spot outside of the visible area.

//then in your frame handler
//loop through particles, check distance, update their position and stuff.

Here’s an unoptimized version (the thing I used in that SWF):

Bigger images will require a lot more particles and may cause lag (my logo uses around 12,400 particles). In that case, you may want to use a LUT to avoid all the Math.cos/sin calls.

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Just pushed an update; I moved most of the settings to a single class (screw OOP), so it’s even easier/faster to configure the template.

A default preloader was added and… I don’t know, I may have changed something else.
Ah, right, I updated the preview, since the old one with the pink color scheme looked horrible.

Let me know of any suggestions; I doubt I’ll make any major changes before this next GiTD, but I may add more stuff in the future.

Check the op for updated links.

btw: Typo in the credits page is fixed in the RAR & ZIP files. Too lazy to update the preview.

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You should put it on Github. :D

Knows Senekis just loves git

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I don’t have anything to really contribute to this, but I want to say that I love it when a developer puts in his own personal time to help save the rest of us time. Good job, Senekis.

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Thanks. (:

@Bob: Yeah, no git for me.
But I took some minutes to look for alternatives and pushed it here.

You can get it with Bazaar via bzr branch lp:~senekis+/gitd/v2.0.

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I’m going to have a go at these contest now since of this. Ty :)