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Sounds like spam to get money:

You require people to complete an offer, which is prohibited in Kongregate’s guidelines for links and the linked game there launches a game in an ads site. Again, could be considered a cash link. Not to mention the link to a different Flash games site for no good reason.

The file is totally useless, as you tell people to download and replace graphics, which will never help anyone to learn, not that it matters, since the game is crap that can be coded in 10 minutes. I’m not sure why you say it took you some hours. Oh, nevermind… I missed the rest: since it took you some hours, you deserve to get money from its useless source.
Flawless point. My apologies.

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The file is obviously not free if I have to do a small job for you that earns you money.

Oh, I have a free car for you. All you gotta do is work without pay as a door-to-door salesman for a couple of years. Totally free car!

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Gonna override the lock to just put this in.

You have free source code? Check out a place like GitHub or BitBucket or even on your own site to host the code. If you want to make money from your source, you’ll earn a lot more if you have quality source code you can sell in groups than the pennies you will make if you ask users to sign up via email.