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Simple query.

I am currently working with a FD project whilst using Adobe Flash CS as my compilation tool, via FD.

I often throw my own errors, which causes FD to perform debugging in the debug configuration.
During this process, the SWF is halted and complaining of errors, and is also not listed in my taskbar as an open program.
When I stop debugging in FD, the SWF remains in the state described above and I currently have to alt-tab to switch to the process, ignore the errors and then close the SWF to be able to make changes to my code and compile again. 1

1 I’m looking for a cleaner solution to this procedure


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Use breakpoints, I think, if you so wish your SWF to be halted while you inspect its contents. You can also use

var e:Error=new Error();
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Hah, yeah… brilliant

Insert a breakpoint at the point of error throwing; that’ll do the trick