Need help making wormhole

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I need your help.

I’m trying to make a wormhole that you will travel through in a birds eye perspective (literally because this is for Endless Migration 2!!). I was playing around with perlin and it’s too laggy. Does anyone know how to point me in an interesting direction? The more it looks like sliders the better.


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The more it looks like sliders?

I don’t know what those are. Perhaps you could draw something up real quick?

I think your best bet is to draw some sort of animation and then use blendmodes to perhaps get it to integrate with the game. Shouldn’t be terribly laggy.

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Sliders was a TV show in the 90s about dimensional travel (sort of like Star Gate, but before Star Gate)!

My wormhole will only be seen from above and will twist side to side. But, the concept is similar.

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Thanks for the oldschool TV reference! That show was epic lol….for that I will help you a little

I actually kind of wanted to do something like this for an old game that never really left the drawing board (yet, lol). Except it would be from the side, it would still look and be created in the same sense, I imagine

What you are probably going to need is a procedurally generating source bitmapData for the tunnel, and a dirty blitting system to draw that ‘downwards’ or whatever direction you wanted (i.e. rotated then drawn) with gradual deviation. Add onto that a blur filter and some cosmetic, individually moving particle effects ‘bled’ onto it and you should end up with something fairly impressive.

However it may or may not be a lot of work depending on how much you are going to use it and if you even know what I’m talking about…

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Originally posted by Lucidius:

Thanks for the oldschool TV reference!

Sliders isn’t Old School TV. Yet. It aired only 10 years ago.

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Another endless migration! Awesome!

I’m not yet aquainted with wormhole creation though, so I’ll see if anyone else has the answer.

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create a image something like a rigid circle , rotate it random so it doesnt look like the last one, scale it up, repeat , once it gets to big, return to default size and move it to the front repeat(dont create new ones after this point)

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Like this?

there are some demos out there similar to this

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“My wormhole will only be seen from above and will twist side to side. But, the concept is similar.”

However that is quite the impressive demo Nine. It would look pretty good I think with a flock of birds seen from top-down (i.e. ingame flock) as that tunnel is passed through (kind of passing around them “upwards”)…kind of how a wormhole would transcend ‘forward or backward’ anyways

*on a side note half my post was mysteriously deleted on-post? weird forum bug?