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They could sue you as well.

Hacking is considered generally dangerous. In a 3D MMORPG, you can do stupid/funny things with hacking, like change what you look like so you look like Santa Claus. That’s still hacking. What companies are more worried about is cracking, when you find out everyone’s password. They need to stop people doing it, so they make the game secure. However, they would also make example of people, even if they don’t go that far, because it means you can potentially go deeper into the code too. So yes, they could probably sue you.

Also, apparently Adobe Labs released something called SWF Investigator which can look for holes in your security system. I haven’t tried it, and it’s experimental, but on the brighter side, it doesn’t cost anything. What do you think?

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I uses it for the disassembler.

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Originally posted by Draco18s:
Originally posted by Senekis:

Modifying memory values for personal enjoyment isn’t illegal.
Also, that’s not hacking.

@Draco: yes, but once a determined cheater finds the memory addresses and makes them public, the lazy ones will simply go and copy/paste that.

Memory addresses change between computers, browsers, and even every time you play the game.
Trust me, I should know. I did a lot of cheat engine stuff at one point.

Bad wording by me. I meant byte arrays.
Unless the developer pushes an update, the ba will remain the same.

Anyway, it seems that people totally missed my “That’s not hacking” and “That’s not illegal” points.

Pic related: It seems I’ve been hacking and doing illegal stuff for over a decade.


This should be stickied:

Originally posted by skyboy:

Originally posted by Senekis:

I think the issue here is that some people think that anyone who interacts with the file (either by downloading, decompiling, modifying memory values, reuploading or improving it) in anyway is a hacker.

So… let’s keep it short:

  • Everyone is a hacker.
  • There’s no way to prevent hacking (whatever that means to you).
  • The harder you try…

may as well post this.

“The definition of a cracker is one who attempts to break into a system via cracking/guessing user passwords. Most of the crackers are young teenage punks who are very malicious and seek to get their kicks from destroying or alternating data on a system. The media often times mistakes the cracker for the hacker. Also note that a cracker’s level of education/intelligence on the system and its inner workings etc. is very low.”

“The hacker on the other hand is an individual who yearns for knowledge. The hackers are very knowledgeable individuals. They often times know several programming languages, work extensively with the inwards and outwards of UNIX, have a firm understanding of all the TCP/IP implementations and protocols. They keep abreast on all the security related issues involving computers. Breaking into a system for a hacker is a thrill, it is a challenge that they take on. The hacker takes much delight in exploring the system from the outside/inside searching vigorously for misconfigurations, bugs, and holes in the operating system that would allow them to break into a machine. Once in the system the challenge has been completed and they have succeeded in breaking in. It is against hacker ethics to alter any data aside from the logs that are needed to clean their tracks. They have no need or desire to destroy data as the malicious crackers. They are there to explore the system and learn more. The hacker has a constant yearning and thirst for knowledge that increases in intensity as their journey progresses.”

                                                           Lord Phoenix

Also, it’s funny that I found it in a thread that you started, asking pretty much the same and stating that SecureSWF is useless against decompiling. There are better ways to get attention than posting the same thing, getting the same answers and then going with your classic “I think it’s this way, so it must be true” replies.

Try OffTopic or any forum where people know nothing about software, you may get lucky and find someone who tells you what you want to hear.

E2: In case it wasn’t clear; using Cheat Engine or similar tools to modify memory values of your game isn’t even cracking.

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I agree with Senekis and RTL – there’s no point in asking a question, refusing to accept the answer you’re given, and then asking it again slightly differently later. Are you expecting a different answer?

If you’re that worried about your games being hacked then yes, SecureSWF is going to be great for you. most of the hacked game sties won’t be able to bypass it. But like everyone else said, you’re making too big a deal out of something that doesn’t matter.

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At some point, a determined hacker will get in anyway, so give it the basic protection no one can bypass without looking carefully into the code (which a lot of people won’t bother doing.) Site-lock, encrypt SWF code and check user input (you know, make sure the user can’t execute functions), and 99.9% of people won’t put in the effort to hack something (even though some will in the end.)