flash player bug not allowing saved info?

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I recently started seeing issues with firefox not storing saved data for a few different games now, like kingdom rush and decision2…

I checked the preferences and couldn’t find any option of auto clearing cache items, or any options to exclude any sites from such occurance, so it seems my cache files have not been ‘erased’ by automation, and I certainly don’t erase them.

So I downloaded the chrome browser and tried kingdom rush again, and after loading it gives a popup saying that the flash plugin version for chrome has a bug that doesn’t allow saved progress…

Does anyone know what’s going on with this? I couldn’t find any info on why both firefox and chrome were losing that info… only the bug relating to chrome.

How does this bode for our programming non-database games needing saved info?

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Get the 11.4 Player plugin.

I don’t know if it is out for chrome or firefox but it definitely is for IE, but go check.

Not sure if it’ll help but it shouldn’t hurt.

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We have run into a similar problem recently. What has to be saved didn’t get saved after you close your browser/tab. But I have found a simple workaround: use sol.flush() explicitly when you need to save something. The default behavior that should automatically flush SharedObjects after the browser is closed is not working now for some unknown reason.

PS: I did not research this problem nor do I know whether this is a bug or whatever.