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You are level one with 50 friends, all also level one, and are complaining about needing to delete lots of messages.

Something about this whole situation just screams spambot to me.

If for whatever reason you are legit, the best advice I can give is to make a new account and re-add any friends you really want to have.

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I’d make one but it’d take me a good hour which I don’t have. D: Sorry

Maybe try making your own userscript in Javascript.

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Workspace Macro

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Try here.
This one will delete all pms, one by one… just enable it, load your pms tab and let it run for a while. Make sure to disable it once you’re done or it will delete all pms whenever you load your pms page.

This one works in the “Sent” tab. Again, disable after done.

And here’s the one for the shouts.

You’ll see that they include a line like: // @include*/messages*

Replace the first * for your user name. ie, // @include*

They are far from perfect, I was trying with something like this, but the auto-refresh made it useless. If someone proficient with JS wants to edit it to prevent the page refresh, that’d be good.

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Instead of using fake clicks, I would have just made the JS client submit the delete requests directly to the Kong servers.

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Can’t you just strip the page refresh by itself and that would be pretty fine? As long as the user remembers what users they already removed?

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Not entirely sure why it isn’t Senekis but anyway???

I don’t think I have any actual pms, nevertheless, being able to speed up menial tasks on the internet is a very good idea.

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Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:

Instead of using fake clicks, I would have just made the JS client submit the delete requests directly to the Kong servers.

The thing is, WSM is great for all kinds of automated tasks. :D

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As soon as I saw this thread, I knew Sen was going to create one of his scripts.
Nicely done. Is that using Javascript to mess with HTML?

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Just repeating what I said in the chat: “Indeed, that would’ve been better”.

That would make it faster, yes, that’s why I need someone good with JS to help with that.
The thing looks like <a onclick="lightbox.prototype.initializeKongregateLightboxFromAjax('/accounts/userName/messages/messageID/destroy_dialogue', {no_class_name:true}); return false;" href="#">delete</a>
Pretty straightforward, right? But I wasn’t able to get that href to modify it.
I’m bad when it comes to things other than AS3. I may take another look at it later and see if I can edit it.
The confirmation thing is messier. I tried playing with stopObserving, but that simply disabled the whole thing.

I didn’t want to delete the messages of this account and forgot to switch accounts before posting.

But it’s either a limited trial or a version you have to pay for, and while it looks great if you need to automate a lot of stuff, I’m not sure many people would want to pay $39.95 – $64.95 to be able to mass delete Kong pms. d:

Yeah, it looks for the delete link, “clicks” it and then waits for the confirmation dialog to pop up and tells it to delete the message.