Flash Sound Import Issues

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I have a project with some music in it. All of a sudden, it’s been taking a really long time to save the project. It creates a 280 Mb file, which explains the delay.

I did a little digging, and I found that my imported music may be the culprit. Apparently, my music files seem super huge. Examples:

1. A song that is 2.9 megabytes is reported in Flash to be 25855.5 kB when I check its properties.
2. But, another song that is 3.5 megabytes is reported in Flash to be only 3665.5 kB. (seems the only reasonable one).
3. The third song is actually 2.8 MB, but Flash considers it to be 20330.6 kB.

Can anyone explain this?! I’m wondering if there is something I need to do when importing, but I can’t figure it out, nor can I comprehend the cause of the discrepancy among files in the same library.

Flash CS5 on mac.


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I can’t explain it or help with the main issue, but you should take a look at this thread to reduce the size of the file.