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I am resuming development (sort of)

what new features does the latest player have (in terms of new functions and APIs). What new Bitmap functions are there? I wanted to see if my FlashDevelop and SDK are up to date, thanks.

Link pls?

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Concurrency (ActionScript Workers)
LZMA support for ByteArray
Stage3d stuff
StageVideo stuff
Camera stuff

Full screen keyboard input
Low latency audio support for streaming audio through NetStream
Texture Streaming for Stage3D
Low latency audio support (Sound API)

Throttling event
Mouse lock, relative mouse coordinates, right and middle click events
Multithreaded video decoding

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Anyone know how to update the Flex SDK for FD?

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Just redownload a new FD. FD4 (if you don’t have it) is a major improvement over FD3. And if you ever plan on working in AIR or Haxe then the most recent versions of FD have better support for them, regarding code completion, syntax highlighting, etc.

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If you only want to update Flex, just download the latest version and in the settings, go to AS3 Context and set the path to the folder where you extracted the files.

But if you still have FD3, doing what UG said would be better.