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Hi and Welcome to my Thread Before Introduce my Self Let me Tell you abit more about Game-Break Shall we Read on?

Game-Break is the latest 2D MMORPG Maker. Going back to an early copy of the Mirage Source it breaks the long standing conventions and brings in a breath of fresh air.- new graphics engine, new packet system, new music system… new everything! Now, with proper memory management, no more bandwidth-intensive string comparison and no more license restricted music playback, Game-Break is certainly a force to be reckoned with! A word of warning to those who’ve got a bit of experience with older versions – you’re in for a shock. While it’s true that Game-Break does everything much better than its predecessors this does mean that everything is overall quite different. You won’t be able to just stroll in and assume you know what you’re doing. In fact I’d be horrified if you did. With no offence intended you’ve grown up learning how to do most things wrong. You’ll need to have your wits about you and a willingness to learn how to handle this new way of doing things. I believe that everyone has the capacity to change themselves, however, so keep at it.

DirectDraw engine with proper memory management. DirectMusic system for midi playback. Winsock byte-array packet system. Dynamic sprite sheets. Player vs Environment combat. Player vs Player combat. Full level-up system with statistics and vitals stored in a persistent environment. Full set of content editors, including items, animations, spells, maps, npcs and shops. Drag and drop visual inventory. Drag and drop visual bank. Visual shop system with the ability to both buy and sell items. Complete spell system with both damaging and healing spells, DoT, HoT, AoE, teleporting, stunning, cool-down and casting times. Intuitive interface design which can easily be swapped out by simply editing the external image files. Hotbar which allows users to drag items and spells into a set of hotkeys. Dynamic maps which can be any size up to 255 × 255. Tons of tile attributes including npc spawns, doors, locks, resources, teleports and banks. Directional blocking allowing for partial movement restrictions on tiles. And lots more!

Now Since we have a bit of Understanding I’m Blue I’m from Game-Break As said above A Free 2D MMORPG Based, Let me tell you abit about me I started Making Simple Rpgs with Rpg Maker Vx but i got no longer Interested in Rpgs so i Started Studying Harder Lanauges C++ Ect I came Across i Loved the idea of Making My own MMORPG it was Called Sky Casters. 3 Months After Release i got Bored i wanted Something More Something Exotic i Started Coding Game-Break 5 Months into Programming Non Stop No Sleeping i Finished it And now i Need a Team Forum Moderator, Coders to help with Future Updates, ect

If you would like to Join the Team Please
Post here and ill Contact you ASAP.

Positions Currently Open
Global Moderator – Moderates over the Entire Site.
Super Moderator – Moderates over the Forums

Coder- Helps coding Game-Break.
Graphic Artist- Helps with Graphics for Game-Break.
and Many Many More!

Did i Mention Your Allowed to Rewrite Game-Break and add anything u want?
Thats Right its Open Source Meaning no Limitations!.

-Love Blue