Why isn't my game saving on kong?

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When i test my game locally, everything saves fine. But when i upload the game to kongregate, the game doesn’t save, is there something else i should be doing? And can someone test this themselves? (F & F) The game auto-saves.

This is how im saving.

var saveFile:SharedObject;

function checkSaveFile():void { // First function called in the game
	saveFile = SharedObject.getLocal("FFsave");
	if(saveFile != null) {
		curLevel = saveFile.data.curLevel;
		if(saveFile.data.curAttempts>1) curAttempts = saveFile.data.curAttempts-1;
		if(curLevel > 3) { //saveFile has completed tutorial levels
			option1Enabled = true;
			showTutorial = false;
	} else saveGame();

function saveGame():void { //saves curren level and attempts to saveFile
	saveFile.data.curLevel = curLevel;
	saveFile.data.curAttempts = curAttempts;

And the saveGame() function is being called regularily throughout the game whenever the player completes a level/dies or beats the game.

Thanks to anyone who helps!

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It worked for me; after finishing the first level and refreshing the page, it loaded level 2. Maybe your browser deletes shared objects after sesion is over?

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Ahhh… x.x thanks senekis… :P Now i feel stupid haha.