[solved] How to get an array of public variables?

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For now I do the following:

var typeDescription:XML = describeType(event.data);
var variablesList:Array = (typeDescription..variable.@name as XMLList).toXMLString().split("\n");

It does the trick but the ‘toXMLString().split(“\n”)’ doesn’t look like an optimal way to do it.

Is there a better way?

Thank you.

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for (var s:String in (event.data as Object)) {...}
Might do, but also might result in a ton of unwanted variables.

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I assume that was your thread/post that got eaten up by the spam filter? (I unhid it, but you can delete it or pm me to delete it if you want)

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vesperbot, thanks, but it would yield only dynamic members but not the ones declared like public var something:int.

UnknownGuardian, thanks, but no, I was just using a wrong account to post :)

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You could use this if you have the Flex SDK:

Although it also uses describeType internally.

You could also put them in an Array by looping through the XMLList, depending on the data you actually want

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for each(var field:XML in xml.variable) a.push(field.@name); is how I’d do it. I don’t think there’s a magic way to turn an XMLList into an array though.

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Thanks, guys.