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Also with your game, I had thought the little green bubbles were good for the longest amount of time. (They’re not, are they?)

No, they are very good. They give you exp, and in turn allow you to level up.

Oh, so if it means anything, I will give the winner of this GiTD 300 points and a contest winner status on StemPlay, which gives you a nice little ‘C’ badge on your profile. Also, I will feature any of you guys’ completed GiTD games you post on StemPlay, if you post them there.

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1- Climbing Moon (2 points)
2- Codename Bounce (1 point)

Honorable mention to Glaive for the nice graphics

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Originally posted by Thepenguinking2:

Nyan nyan – Creative idea. though I didn’t really find the animals to damage well. 3/5

Wow, 3/5 for that? You are generous, kind king. …It wouldn’t have anything to do with it having penguins in it, would it? ;)

Anyway, it was actually an altered and simplified version of the original idea, which required ball physics that I really didn’t feel like messing with at the moment (but I intend on doing it eventually… along with about 1,000,000,000 others). The completed version won’t dump out all the UFOs at once, their HP will scale with level, etc etc. So the first level will have one-shot UFOs (maybe two from the mouse) once I can update it.

Eh, BTW, animals’ damage vary: the cow deals the most damage, the mouse the least. It mostly goes by size and weight, though the hedgehog does slightly more damage for its size due to its hedgehog-ness.

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1st: Pogo (gives a cool type of adventure feel until you realize the world is just 4 houses ;D )
2nd: Disco Balls (nice presentation and decently fun gameplay)
Honorable Mention: Extreme Fly Stomper (yeah, the graphics could use work, but for some strange reason I found this game pretty entertaining)

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1) Climbing Moon
2) Pogo

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1) Darkscanner
2) Skaren

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1st. ApinaInc – Climbing Moon
2nd. Bobikas – Investigation of Wild Animals

Didn’t get a chance to play Pogo, it just keeps crashing on firefox 15.0.1 and latest flash player:(

Also 1 sighting. Contestant listing order should be random, because top ones get advantage, i don’t know if that’s possible in HTML, but in flash it certainly is, but nobody would bother to create a list.swf probably..

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Must…not… vote to myself…
Okay…with grinding teeth:
1. Tacopian – Fruit Hell
2. ApinaInc – Climbing Moon
I wanted to add Darkscanner’s game to the second place, but it’s so in alpha version… Anyway it’s gonna be a really good game, when it’ll be finished.

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Originally posted by Darkscanner:
TBAoSJ-FG – ………….

What if I was to have a plash screen, before playing for the first time, which gave a little avoid/get guide?

That’d help, but you also want some sort of sound/visual queues to let the player know that the spikes damaged him or that the green boogers…did something good for him. Right now, you just bounce off the spikes like any other ground and the boogers just disappear. You have to actually be watching the lower part of the screen to know whether or not you grazed by the spikes or actually took one to the…whatever the character has.

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1st – Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution
I enjoyed this the most, despite its incorrect controls and ridiculous difficulty. With some practice (and luck) I got through the first layer of UFOs. That was a satisfying achievement well worth my time.

2nd – Disco Balls
It’s fun, with decent replay value. It’s not the most original idea, but is well executed.

Unlucky 3rd – Investigation of Wild Animals
Cute. Simple. Fun. Could use more challenge.

(Dis)honourable mentions to Slima’rgeddon!!, Glaive and Climbing Moon, for their limited relevance to the theme of bounce. It’s quite a shame, as all three were among my favourites.

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Originally posted by AMD_Paulius_J:

Didn’t get a chance to play Pogo, it just keeps crashing on firefox 15.0.1 and latest flash player:(

My apologies to you, vesperbot, and anyone else who has had this problem. I believe the crash is due to the ungodly amount of memory the game takes to store all the textures at different scales. I had to do quite a bit of juggling to even get it to that point.
There has to be a better way, but that’s for another thread. (Meaning, anyone who think they have a solution, PM it to me or wait for said thread. do not derail the voting thread with it. Thank you.)

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Originally posted by hok0003:

1st – Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution
I enjoyed this the most, despite its incorrect controls and ridiculous difficulty. With some practice (and luck) I got through the first layer of UFOs. That was a satisfying achievement well worth my time.

What? I got a 1st place vote? Thanks.

Originally posted by hok0003:

(Dis)honourable mentions to Slima’rgeddon!!, Glaive and Climbing Moon, for their limited relevance to the theme of bounce. It’s quite a shame, as all three were among my favourites.

Originally, I wasn’t going to vote for Glaive as 2nd place for this reason, but ultimately decided it wasn’t important (if one takes the “rebound” meaning of “bounce” and stretches it a little, it qualifies). If they had had the glaive actually bounce off of the enemies, it would’ve been better, though…

With Climbing Moon, you do jump up when you hit a moon (or rebound from a fall, if you like), which qualifies as “bounce”, from my understanding.

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1.Pogo- Aceblue
Its very good and addictive, nice music and gameplay, good job aceblue!
2.Battlin Balls- nolanlabs
Also very nice with the graphics and i loved the gameplay, pogo and this one were both very good!

Honorable mention: Climbing moon, Apinainc
I think it was SO good, i loved it and you really should update the game! Really good!

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Investigation of Wild Animals: Nice, but too simple. Adding more game elements (such as new animals / powerups / level objects) would surely make it a fun game to play.
The mechanics are simple, but good enough. I also liked the squared animals; way to simplify the required calculations while keeping a nice design. Thanks for the WASD.

Battlin’ Balls: Not much to say since it lacks single player mode.

Fruit Hell: Your version of the fire game wasn’t bad, but the annoying music and the impossibility (I never found the mute button) to turn it off was really bad and made me stop playing.
The game itself was a bit slow, and having weird, different bounce angles for each fruit wasn’t nice.
Also, having a natural difficulty curve instead of a “grind-upgrade-repeat” mechanic would have been better.

Ping! Took me a couple of tries to figure out what was the point of the game. I only survived for around 100 (whatever time unit you were using), but I feel that non rectangular shapes would’ve made it more interesting.
Also, at some point, the bounce angle of the ball was totally illogical. Could be a fun game with some work.

BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution The main game mechanics don’t work properly, so it’s kinda pointless to play it.

Slima’rgeddon!!: I liked the option t mute it. WASD is also nice. ♥
It was fun for a couple of minutes until I noticed that all the levels were pretty much the same thing. Also, I think it doesn’t have much to do with bouncing.
That said, it’s nice for a first game. (:

The bouncy adventures of Sir Jellyton-face Gordan: Alpha: Seriously, why the fuck do you (all the ones who never code a mute button) have this sadistic “let’s add music and force the player to listen to it” tendency?
That said, the game was a bit boring, but I think that it’s the first time that you make a platformer without buggy platforms, which is good.
It may have been funnier if it was faster, but the slow speed took any kind of challenge and made me stop playing.
Also, use AdBlock Plus + NoScript, people. I didn’t see a single ad.

Glaive: Again, no way to mute it.
I enjoyed it, although it felt a bit slow.
ALso, it would be nice if enemies didn’t attack until they are at a visible part of the screen; it was annoying to get hit by a ball which spawned behind the visible area next to you.

Codename: Bounce! I didn’t get what was the point of the game. The controls are pretty bad, since you use the same key to shoot and to bounce.
Also, I never understood the purpose of the fireballs; they didn’t kill the planes, which always spawn at your position, even underground.
I bought the upgrade which said that I wouldn’t get anywhere without it and saw no difference.
Finally, it needs a “retry” button. Going back to the eleator and then restarting was pointless.

Pogo: Can you actually rach the sky? d: Got to 377 and gave up.
That said, I loved the game; it’s a great concept and I think it has a ton of potential if you keep working on it; more buildings and terrains, hell, even some airplanes you can use to bounce.
Another improvement could be some sort of graphical display of your current position, as well as the ground and your goal. THat would make it easier to calculate bounces instead of having to constantly look at the number at the top left.
Great job!

The Headless Pogostickman: No mute. And… terrible collision detection for a collision-based game.

Disco Balls: As with any avoider, the first thing I did was to right click… and that was enough.
That said, it was funny to see the balls getting stuck and entering a color-changing frenzy. No mute.

The Headless Pogostickman: The fuck did I just play? That was fun. Simple mechanics, simple controls, nice humor and WASD.
The only things I’d change is the effing mute button which doesn’t exist and making it fully playable with the keyboard; why require the player to click when everything else is controlled with the keyboard?

Extreme Fly Stomper I didn’t like it, mainly because the movement feels weird, like you can suddenly accelerate or make a full stop while bouncing. Also, mute button, etc.

Climbing Moon: Fun for a while. The challenges/upgrades are good to keep the player interested in doing the same thing over and over again.
That said, I don’t think it fits the “bounce” theme.

Super Bounce!: Horrible sounds and no way to mute them. I started the game three times and it always sarted by bouncing and dying.

1st: Pogo

2nd: Investigation of Wild Animals

Starting next GiTD, I won’t even consider games without a mute button when voting. If you can’t spend a minute coding a mute button, I can’t waste my time playing your game.

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Super bounce!: This game really, really, really needs a megaman-style “Ready” at the beginning of the stage. The first 2-3 times I started this game, my thing jumped immediately into the drink before I could get my bearings. I won’t elaborate on collisions because that’s already been covered plenty, but there’s also an issue of impossible-jump scenarios occurring, where one platform spawns really low, and the next spawns really high.

Good idea on the “Ready” scenario. the Platforms are actually randomized, so You may never know what’s coming next.

Super Bounce!: Horrible sounds and no way to mute them. I started the game three times and it always sarted by bouncing and dying.

Mute button coming soon! Not sure about the “Bounce and die” thing.

Wow, 3/5 for that? You are generous, kind king. …It wouldn’t have anything to do with it having penguins in it, would it? ;)

no sir. it’s fine. I played a game about a penguin smashing it’s head into several obstacles and I freaking love that game. I decided to rate it 4/5 now.

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1st. Pogo
It’s original concept and suiting the theme won the first place. It lacks some goal, but while playing it I was like a kid “Higher!, Hiiigheer!!!”.

2nd. Battlin’ Balls
AI is obviously what is missing here, but I still managed to loose few times when being too aggressive and bouncing back form enemy or wall. Bouncing back. I would really love to play it with some sort of intelligence. Please create an AI. Please..

Close runner ups:
Codename Bounce: It became a bit too difficult i guess, I liked some previous versions more. And maybe the general idea is a bit too simple, reminds me of learn to fly o similar
Fat Men Can’t Jump: Original, pretty drawn, but gets boring really fast. Mostly because of poor physics.

Also caught my attention:
Extreme Flystomper: Quite pretty, quite fun, but not enough to be best.
Disco Balls: Nicely done. Feels finished. Too simple to be fun for a long time.
Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution: That’s an interesting one. I really liked the idea. Unfortunately it was too awkward to control and not really well drawn to hit the top for me.

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1. Pogo
I didn’t really want to give this game my number 1 vote since it does feel more like a playground than a game but all the other games that were better than it didn’t really fit the theme.

2. Battlin’ Balls
Quite fun but would be much better with an AI. Doesn’t have to be anything advanced just make them actually move around, the nature of the game would make them hard to beat anyway.

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1st: Tacopian – Fruit Hell
2nd: Bobikas – Investigation of Wild Animals

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Climbing Moon (2 points) Great game as is, a little buggy though. Development should continue.
Disco Balls ( 1 point) Also a great game, it put a new spin on an already loved game type. Can’t wait for a sequel.

Honorable mentions are as follows,
Pogo, – This has great potentialality for an absolutely amazing game.
Battlin’ Balls, – The reason this didn’t secure my 2nd place vote was due to the lack of A.I. Great game.
Fruit Hell, – A very fun upgrade game, the goal area seem very buggy, making it sometimes not even fun.

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I thought it was really hard to vote this time around, but I settled on:

1) Disco Balls – I really like games like Particles or Filler and this reminded me of that, and you can’t go wrong with a few items and upgrades. It was a tough choice, but this is the game that I played the longest and it wasn’t buggy or annoying at all. Very fun game.

2) Climbing Moon – Awesome concept, graphics, upgrades… It only suffered from what seem to be some annoying bugs. I voted for this one too because I played it for quite awhile and really enjoyed it.

3) [honorable mention] Pogo – had to just mention this because it was so great, but I just didn’t think there was enough to it. I almost voted it as #1 but then I thought that was a bit of an injustice to some of the other games.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention Climbing Moon and Glaive. These are both really nicely done. Climbing Moon feels like a complete game, I liked the way upgrades and achievements are joined together. Glaive has a great soundtrack, that and graphic art creates just the right atmosphere for soul theme. Unfortunately both of these games had too little to do with bouncing and that is why they didn’t get my vote.

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Get them votes in! :O 10 minutes left. (derp thought it ended at 5pm, 3 hours from now.)

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Congrats to ApinaInc for winning GiTD #27!

Bobikas – Investigation of Wild Animals		|xxxxxx
nolanlabs – Battlin’ Balls 			|xxxxxxx
Tacopian – Fruit Hell	...	...	...	|xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Play_Hub – Ping!				|
dragon_of_celts – Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution	|xx
Kewry – Slima’rgeddon!!				|xx
Darkscanner – TBAoSJG:A	...	...	...	|xx
Halysia – Glaive				|xxxx
Donaldguy – Codename: Bounce!			|xxxxxxx
Ace_Blue – Pogo		...	...	...	|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Teddyatya – The Headless Pogostickman		|xxxx
nutter666 – Disco Balls				|xxxxxxxxxx
Elyzius – Fat Men Can’t Jump!	...	...	|
galdon2004 – Extreme Fly Stomper		|x
ApinaInc – Climbing Moon	...	...	|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thepenguinking2 – Super Bounce!			|xx
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Congrats ApinaInc, good game!

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Congrats ApinaInc!