Stencyl changes from AS3 to Haxe

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Pretty interesting stuff. I must admit that as a “proper” programmer I first considered Stencyl to be nothing but a silly toy, but it’s now looking to become the king of the toybox, to replace the likes of GameMaker and so on.

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Honestly I don’t find it that difficult to believe Stencyl is the new up and coming champ.
My experience when I was first getting into wanting to make a game was seeing all of these awesome flash and java games. I looked up something I could make games with and was met with Game Maker.
I made some games, but they export as .exes, so althought I felt accomplished and proud of myself I was never able to upload them and share them with the world (I had no idea about .exe portals).
Stencyl supports this and supplies two great things at once. The ability to give non programmers a way to start getting their hands dirty, and allowing them to upload their hardwork to our portals.

I’ll stick to as3 and haxe though.