Arcade Game Studio - Create games with a real classic arcade feel - beta

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Hi everyone!

This is my fist post in this forum and I just wanted to say hello by announcing that I’ve been working a few months now in developing a new game tool: Arcade Game Studio, made to Make and Play arcade styled games of the 80’s.

So if you ever wanted to make your own arcade game with the look and feel of the classic 80’s, I think you will like this.

Just released a beta build for testing and debug purposes available here:

You can check my last video here:

Still need to make some tutorials and project examples though…

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Wow, that’s awesome! Good job

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I’m no expert on 8 bit music, but the lower notes on that bass seem like 16 bit. The low reverb/sustain seems very authentic considering. Nice job on the actual program though.

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this program is AMAZING.
i don’t see any info regarding on what kind of application export will support.

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“To make and play games” Meaning that a potential player will need to have the program to play it? Makes it a little less interesting truly