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How do you insert quotes into dynamic text? Say I want the text:

“So he says “give me cookie or give me death” while eating chicken."

But it needs to be dome in a dynamic text box for various reasons. Is there a C++ style \" or something like that to insert quotes?

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Yes. Either escape the character by using backslash ( \" ) or use single quote double quote combinations.

my_txt.text = "So he says \"give me cookie or give me death\" while eating chicken.";
my_txt.text = 'So he says "give me cookie or give me death" while eating chicken.';
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What about bold and italics?

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Did you try reading the Flash documentation on text fields and text formatting? It explains that stuff there..

If you want to use bold and italics, use the bold and italics html tags <b>bold</b> <i>italics</i>

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Wow, I’m pathetic. I almost never read documentation, because it always proves to be useless. At least Microsoft’s, anyway. Thanks a bunch Arcane!

EDIT: Yes, I know, Flash is Adobe/Macromedia, not Microsoft.

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Flash documentation will teach you a lot.