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It saved my life today. 3 hours of changes in (major rewriting of how the lighting engine works handled shadows) and I cannot get the engine to render any shadows. It just stopped casting any shadows, but still cast lights. I did some manual file difference comparisons and couldn’t find anything.

Thankfully I had just walked RTL_Shadow through source control basics and installed it as I was showing him. Thankfully I had done an initial commit.

Git has an amazing diff feature. Super helpful finding changes. Did it help me? Nope. Still couldn’t get the shadows to render.

Git also has branching! Yay! I committed and pushed the broken code onto a branch so I could reuse my optimizations later. Then I reverted back to the main branch from 3 hours earlier of working with RTL_Shadow.

The day has been saved! It works yet again! It would not have happened without source control!

Also, I put all the source on github if you want to check it out/get your own dynamic shadow/lighting engine going with starling.

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You’re welcome :D

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Indeed. I was too lazy to use version control until one time I needed to go back to a several week old version of a project (so many hours worth of changes) to review changes and restore some things. Git saves lives.

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I have SVN installed locally, not Git, because I’ve been at this for way too long and SVN was the standard :P. But it is a very good idea to have your code in some kind of source control repository.