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Hey all,
Sorry to jump in here and post a small request like this, but I’m looking for a flash (?) element that I just can’t find.

I’m wanting to integrate an element like this page has in the center:

combined with elements of:
Into a website I’m working on.

So people can both click, and it automatically changes to get to the next ‘picture’, but it scrolls along a single wraparound picture stretched to their screen width. Let me know if I’m not being clear enough here and I can try and illustrate what I mean more thoroughly. If it’s not exactly what I’m imagining that’s ok, but it does have to be fitted to screen width.

This work is for a non-profit that desperately needs a website update:
and would really appreciate any help (:
There IS a budget available if we have to get something custom made, so if anyone would like to do some paid work and I can’t find anything decent to use for free there is work available. Pipe up if you’re interested and could do it efficiently (we can pay good rates, but not if it’s going to take forever, non-profit remember :)


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I’d suggest looking for a javascript solution; while Flash is great for delivering rich web applications and games, it’s generally a bad tool to use for website design and navigation.

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You mean a carousel?

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Originally posted by Draco18s:

You mean a carousel?

Oh dear god, thank you!

I was blanking so hard on that…
I can probably find a template myself now, was just one of those things that is hard to find without the correct search term.
Been working too late >.>

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removed and PMed info

For sliders, you might want to check out Nivo Slider which I’ve used before.