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Hai. I would like to introduce my recent project – Sprite cutie. Maybe it will be useful for some of you. Basically this is the same as spritecow.com, but with no need of so much clicking and with more javascript/as3 friendly output format.


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I honestly don’t know what I should use it for.
But great work with the UI and look of it!
Since there’s no replies yet I feel I should bump it if someone finds it useful

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It looks awesome, but it’s missing something that I’d be looking for.
I’d like to upload 30 images to your page, have them automaticly arranged by name.
A few options such as ability to resize or reorder a single or a group of individual sprites
Be able to “ignore white spaces” so that sprites can be nearly clumping each other.
To finish it off the ability to download the spritesheet you create in a power of 2 setting or minimum size possible.
As a second downloadable file I’d lke to be able to download as well as your already built canvas and css, and XML and JSON output.

But that’s me wishing to find a free source that does this while being reliable :P