Dynamic Italic Text doesn't work (SOLVED)

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I have a movieclip with a dynamic textbox with italic font, I created the textbox and italic settings using the editor and not AS3.
In my code when I say

textbox.text = subtitle;

the textbox becomes blank.

I’m not getting any errors and tracing the text shows me exactly what I want it to. But in the swf, there is no text visible.

When I comment out the line; the text that is in the movieclip already – from using the editor and not AS3 – is visible and working.

Without changing the code, I tried the same textbox with regular, bold, and black font, and they all worked. Italic and Bold/Italic did not work.

It is embedded; as well as the same font in regular, bold, and black.

Can anyone help me out? :(

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I don’t know if this will help, but i had a similar issue, if I set textbox equal to some variable it becomes blank, solved it like this:

textbox.text = "" + subtitle;

And I still don’t know why is "" mandatory.

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That didn’t work, and just for the record, setting the text to a straight string and not a variable doesn’t work either.
I also tried using a different name for the textbox, the variable, and I changed the variable’s string. Still nothing.

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Embed your font(s), or ust textbox.defaultTextFormat property to set after you set the text.

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Thanks, the TextFormat worked, though I don’t understand why it’s necessary if I made the font italic in the editor, or why it only failed to work with italic fonts and not others.

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I expect that when you design a TextField in Adobe Flash GUI editor, it fills data wrongly, or non-intuitively, it does not fill defaultTextFormat property, but instead applies text formatting to certain segments of initial text, which all get dropped when you assign different text value to a TextField.