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Hello, can anyone help me with the little problem? In my game i have a function which shall count if where the 2 lines will cross. One line is defined by 2 points, another is defined by angle and one point. To make everything easier, i move everything in the way that second line point is (0, 0):

function linescollide(x0, y0, a, x11, y11, x22, y22, obj)
			var x1 = x11 - x0;
			var y1 = (y11 - y0);
			var x2 = x22 - x0;
			var y2 = (y22 - y0);

(First line was defined by 2 points: (x11, y11) and (x22, y22), second line was defined by a – angle and (x0, y0))
That way x0 and y0 will be zero. The function works, but y1 and y2 are counted wrong. I believe that i have to include stage height somehow. So:
1)What is the proper way to count y1 and y2?
2)Is there easier way to count if where 2 lines will cross rather than using math?
3)Is there a way to flip Y direction(so Y will not go from stage top to bottom, but from bottom to top)?

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You are trying to find if two lines collide. This will always be the case, unless they are parallel.
m1 = (y22-y11)/(x22-x11)
m2 = tan(a (IN RADIANS)) or tan(v2j/v2i)
if(m1!=m2) //they collide

Y-y1 = m(X-x1)
Y – y11 = m1(X-x11)
Y = (m1)X – (m1*x11) + y11

Y = (m2)X – (m2*x0) + y0

collision, x = x, y = y

(m1)X – (m1*x11) + y11 = (m2)X – (m2*x0) + y0
(m1-m2)X = y0 + (m1*x11) – y11 – (m2*x0)
X = (y0 + (m1*x11) – y11 – (m2*x0))/(m1-m2)
got X point of collision

Y = (m2)X – (m2*x0) + y0 or (m1)X – (m1*x11) + y11
sub in X
and you get Y point of collision.

function linescollide(x0, y0, a, x11, y11, x22, y22, obj){
    var m1:Number = (y22-y11)/(x22-x11);
    var m2:Number = Math.tan(a*Math.PI/180); //If a is already in Radians, omit *Math.PI/180
    if(m1!=m2){ //they collide
        var colX:Number = (y0 + (m1*x11) – y11 – (m2*x0))/(m1-m2);
        var colY:Number = (m2*colX) – (m2*x0) + y0