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I need to add a couple of finishing touches to my GiTD entry, before I release it to the ravenous hordes on Kongregate.

And I’m attempting to code in the basis for a top down boat racing game. So far, things are going pretty well, but I’m trying to see if it “feels” right.

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I’m scared. D: I missed the goal for working with artist to get art done because he got married on the 12th. So I’m expecting a good 2 week delay before anything actually will get done with that game. :/ I really hope he was worth it.

Sky Jumper might make it. Really depends on how much work I’m doing.

I’ve been working on a 3rd goal:

  • Learn Ruby on Rails

and I’ve picked up a fair amount of basic Ruby as well as setting up static sites through Rails with deployment to Heroku via git. Some pretty cool tech there.

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Is learning Ruby different from learning other languages you already know?

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It has a few features that I’ve never seen before, namely symbols, blocks, and ranges, and of course syntax but otherwise it isn’t terribly hard.

It seems a lot like someone created a ton of features for programming and then tried to make using these features require the least key strokes as possible. So kinda good and kinda bad.

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I am going to do all of these for one month!!
[ ] Not create any more threads about my game
[ ] Keep adding things to my game each week
[ ] Eat lettuce every day
[ ] Not come back to this thread