WTF? FD embedding problem?

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OK, so I’m trying to push myself to work on the GiTD thing, and I’m testing just to make sure the player’s character moves properly. Lo (and behold), it gives me a “sourceBitmapData must be non-null” error for the copyPixels call. The thing is, I’m embedding the image and assigning it to a bitmapData object exactly like I did for the last GiTD (which worked fine).

I had updated FD before working on this (actually, un- and re-install), but I wouldn’t think that would be the issue…

[Embed(source = "images/horseman.png")] protected static var horsemanGFXClass:Class;
…and in the constructor:
actorMap = (new horsemanGFXClass() as Bitmap).bitmapData;
…and the render call:
renderer.copyPixels(actorMap, actorScrollRect, at);

So I tried changing it to extend the Sprite class and adding the image directly to the screen (commenting out the lines that give the aforementioned error), but nothing appears. If I double-click on the image in the directory list on the right, it opens and shows exactly what it is supposed to show.

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Trace actorMap immediately after assigning to it. If it’s null, recheck the path you use (I know you’ve checked it already; do it again). Otherwise, search your code for “actorMap =” to see if it gets set anywhere else.

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Did you generate the embed tag by right-click/generate embed code in the project pane? I ask because your source path looks…unconventional. Try the generate embed code again and make sure the directory matches what you have.

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Well, thanks for the suggestions, both of you. It turns out it was something far more stupid: I had typed “Horsemen” as the constructor name instead of “Horseman”, like the class name…. I kept wondering why the damned trace statements were showing up everywhere but there. If I had paid closer attention, I might’ve noticed that the function name colour wasn’t light blue…

Sorry about that. I kept screwing with it, trying to figure it out, but I couldn’t seem to make any headway (no wonder)…