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I just started working on a flash game project and am I wondering.
Does anyone know a good source of royalty-free sound effects for games?

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There are several sites. Here’s one.

(Don’t forget to reference the authors of the sounds you use and the site where you found them in the ‘credits’ section of your game.)

Edit: \/ I have, and also on

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Sure thing about the credits.

Have you used this site for your projects Ace?
To be honest it’s the first thing that uncle Google helped me find but most of the things there are very raw and need some heavy editing.

Edit: Thank you kind sir :)

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This is good sound effects website bro:

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I’m looking for some exposure and have a studio at my disposal hahaha.

Send me a pm and I can see what I can do for you. I can also make music.

Flag Post has some good public domain sounds, as well as a whole bunch licensed under CC licenses.

But I strongly encourage you to make your own sounds. You can use Audacity; it’s pretty good considering it’s free.

When I get some money I should get Pro Tools.

Flag Post is good for bleep boop beeps