Brand new where to start and advice?

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Hi so i want to start making browser games just for fun and i have no idea where to start… 1st off i want to know if it’s worth it to learn adobe flash?

2nd art work _ how will i go about this? i do use a program called maya which is 3d (Example —→
Nothing special but how hard would it be to make low poly 3d objects like that work in maya? is it even worth it?

and just any advice anyone can give i would really appreciate it :L

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Seems like they still work on the export plugin for maya:

However, you can find a lot of related threads in the Away3D forums.
You can ask there to get help with the setup I guess.

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Well, the Adobe Flash Player is used by about a billion and one people around the world. So you can expect a wide target audience. Unfortunately, not everyone visits sites like this one. So you might want to look for one that has heaps of traffic. This site, fortunately, can help you with that.

Another good thing is that this site also accepts games created by the Unity SDK. That’s used for 3D games as well, so might want to look into that. Sadly, I have heard people complain about the Unity engine.

You can also submit HTML games via the iframe method (you’ll know what it is if you’ve done HTML before; if you haven’t, it’s basically another way to embed stuff, in this case the HTML game.) I’ll leave it to you to decide.

As for the Maya export, I’ve heard of something called the "AS3GeomExporter" that can handle that for you.

But the classes come out in a language called AGAL (Adobe Graphics Assembly Language), but that’s probably a good thing because, if implemented correctly, the 3D game will run faster.

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Thanks for all the help guys i will look into all this now, i tried to find this out before but i ended up just lost and off topic as i searched deeper and deeper so thanks again

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… In case you wanna work with 3D, I would also suggest looking into Unity instead of Flash – maybe it seems more interesting for you :) (has a web player just as flash… and I believe it can be exported to flash – haven’t tried the latter one though)