Raccoon Invasion

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Need :
- Music producer
- Programmer
- Animator
- Artist/Level designer


Game name : Raccoon Invasion
Story : Your a raccoon who want to invasive the human world , search in the garbage to collect resources , steal from human , recruit other raccoons and train theme .
More de

The game will have sequels and animated series .
For more details contact me

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You could go check out the Collaborations forum- that’s where this should go. What are you going to be doing in this game?

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This is the programming thread please go to the collaboration thread.

Ps. On your way provide more detail about the game, your experience in making games, and what YOU are going to contribute to the game.


Originally posted by seloumagame:

The game will have sequels and animated series .

Don’t post that.

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“an awsome game idea” take N+1.