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I have a bunch of little board game and turn based game ideas that I think would be fun as multiplayer games. I have yet to run into any of these ideas in online multiplayer form yet, so I figured it would be fun to house a bunch of these neat games in 1 package.

I have literally no background in server side scripting and the only languages I know are AS3 and Objective-C, neither of which are used for any multiplayer APIs. Ideally, I’d like to find a multiplayer API that uses a really easy language to learn, or one that’s similar to AS3 if possible.

My 2 needs of said API are: mostly automated matchmaking and sending strings/objects of data from one client to the other.

If you know of any multiplayer development kits, could you please let me know. Thanks.

I currently know of Player.IO, Gamooga, & Come2Play.
Player.IO is nice but requires Mono for mac users (me) which has caused me difficulty.
Gamooga seems relatively simple, but I don’t know Lua and their documentation is disorganized and incomplete.
Come2Play is pure AS3 but forces you to use their gambling system and adds their own GUI (ugly & annoying).


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Are you using the most recent version of Mono? I’ve heard that the newest version (or soon to be newest version) fixes an incredible amount of bugs and makes the ride a ton smoother.

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No I am not. Last I tried Player.IO w/ Mono was around 2 years ago. I was unaware they fixed many of the problems. Thanks!

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Haha, thank Draco for mentioning it. The what’s new page looks like a lot of features were added. And that was several versions ago.

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Player.IO requires you to write C# to run on their server. As long as you can get a development environment to work on Mono, it doesn’t have to be ‘professional’ as they run it under Windows.

Or, get yourself a £200 Windows machine :P. But I believe Mono is pretty good, at least for Linux, and I think Mac too.