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Night and Day

Voting Ends:
Thursday 14th February 10pm GMT (5pm EST, 2pm PST)

Voting Rules:
You must vote for a 1st place and a 2nd Place. The 1st place vote will receive 2 points and the 2nd place vote will receive 1 point. The person with the most points will win. Using alts to vote will result in disqualifications. Remember to make it clear who you are voting for. You cannot vote for yourself.

BobJanova – Night and Day (GitD Edition) (awful name)
Gengii – Today Is Forever
feartehstickman – [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3 (terrible name too!)
Aceeri – Coming Night

Good Luck to everyone.

(And if a game/entry is on Kongregate, rate the game please!)

If the popularity of the next GiTD is going to be this low, it will go back to being scheduled whenever everyone has time rather than on a monthly basis.

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1st – Aceeri – Coming Night
2nd – feartehstickman – [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3

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feartehstickman’s rainbow farmers have my vote.

edit: its the only game that i could not find any glitches in.

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Originally posted by EpicPowers72:

1st – Aceeri – Coming Night
2nd – feartehstickman – [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3

This is a rather suspicious character…….. SUSPICIOSO

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If you think someone is suspicious, I’d rather you PM me than post in the thread.

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i found a bug in that game 3ndl3ss

when i had wood at 100% the people where collecting stone..

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I give BobJanova’s “Night and Day” my #1 vote for creating a compelling strategy game (even if the balance needs a little work) and Gengii’s “Today is Forever” my #2 vote for creating a unique and attractive RPG (even if it’s still a tad buggy).

Seeing how short the entry list is makes me really wish I’d gotten an an entry together. I even had a cool idea! (Sort of.)

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My game certainly does have a problem which I screwed up and put into the game at the last minute :/

Alas, time to play games and vote…

#1 goes to BobJanova. The game certainly functions well and the strategy seems reasonably deep, if a bit unbalanced. Great job though.

The other two games didn’t fair so well for me though. Coming Night looked a bit promising, but I didn’t know what was happening, when was the next night, was there a battle, what happened…?
Today is forever looked to be very good, but bugged out and froze after I reached the shop. I refreshed 3 times after that, but I’d be forever stuck at the start, just rotating the screen.

So, #2 goes to Aceeri, because Coming Night did “work”. It could certainly be an interesting and entertaining game if things were explained better.

It’s good that there were some entries at the last minute, but I feel a bit sad that, even with a theme as good as I thought this one was and the great participation in the last contest, the numbers were so low this time. Hopefully they pick up for the next GiTD.

----- If the following is not allowed, please remove it UG -----
I have identified a small number of errors in the game, which I have fixed.
PLEASE DO NOT let this entry influence your voting in any way, finalise your votes before playing it!
It is just there for anyone who wants to play the game as it should have been.
Once again, do not play if you haven’t voted and intend to do so!
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BobJanova’s Light and Day:

This game feels and plays like Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled and that’s definitely not a bad thing. It certainly makes use of the theme as a major part of its gameplay, so kudos for that. From a balance standpoint, I played through the tutorial and I was flabbergasted by how hard even the first level is. Getting to that metal deposit and building a large enough energy base and building a defense system and doing it all in one day with the piddling resources you start with was a little much for a starter level. the second one is easier to start, although you really have to not be a sloth to survive the first night, but it gets easier after that for a while… until you realize your turrets have such crummy range that you can’t keep the enemies at bay and shoot them, you have to pick one or the other. Turret upgrades would be my top priority for the next version. All in all a pretty good job.

Gengii’s Today is Forever:

I read through the extremely verbose introduction, and couldn’t decide if it was a blessing or a curse that most of it is cut off by the too-small window. “You walked in dog doo”, seriously? That better turn out to be a major plot point later on, and not a pathetic attempt at juvenile humor. When the game started, I was surprised to see it look like a repeat of the events described in the intro. “Is this a Groundhog Day kind of deal?”, I asked myself. I decided to try and adhere to the intro for the first playthrough, or at least as much of the intro as I had read, and could remember. The view turning was an OK gimmick, but I hoped it would play a major part in the game, like some sort of mechanic to manipulate time, or something. Didn’t the intro mention a grandfather clock at some point? I reached the first NPC, a saleswoman, who I remembered from the intro having cell phone chargers, so I dutifully bypassed the weapons in her inventory and asked for the aforementioned item. This brought up a menu to haggle, end the conversation or go back to the item selection on which none of the options would work. This brought an end to my game. So, the game might be good, and it even might have something to do with the theme, but now I’ll never know, because I am trapped in a conversation menu with no way out.

feartehstickman’s Day/Night v3:

I don’t have much to say about this game that isn’t a criticism, but it may stem more from me not liking idle games. Day is ‘play’ and night is as close to ‘pause’ as it gets, near as I can tell, and that’s about it for the theme. I left the game on ‘day’ most of the time since nothing much seems to happen at night. The game is slow to start, I even thought I had somehow ‘lost’ when my people slaughtered the only animal, but it seems that’s not a problem. Once growth starts to pick up, it is explosive and soon the map gets covered with colorful little people running all over. There wasn’t any sense of a goal, or any way to lose, maybe that will come in an update. I certainly hope so.

Note: when the focus is not on the game itself the game view moves to the left continuously. While I typed this review my game turned into New Zealand (1200 people, 3000 sheep) but I couldn’t see what that looked like because the view was so far gone I couldn’t get back. Just so you know.

Aceeri’s Coming Night:

Another ‘build all day fight all night’ game, but this one is more abstract. I see the theme integrated in the mechanics, that’s good. On the other hand, there’s a bunch of things I don’t see:
Any sort of timer that would indicate how far gone the day is.
Unit costs, and an indication of how many of each unit I can afford.
A combat indicator showing that the units are fighting (albeit slowly) and the game is not frozen.
Indication of how much the resource gatherers produce per day and how they will produce after upgrading.
A way to lose.
There is still a lot of work to do, but at least it’s a start.

My votes go to
1st: BobJanova
2nd: Aceeri

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Good luck everyone!

BobJanovaNight and Day

Bad: Difficulty.

Good: It reminded me of Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! and that game has badges! Polished and the theme incorporation was good.

Rating: 2/5 (Unfortunately this just isn’t my type of game.)

GengiiToday Is Forever

Bad: The introduction. And I kept getting stuck in conversations where neither option would work.

Good: The turning view seems promising and I was interested to see how it was going to play out later in the game. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out. (see above)

Rating: 2/5

feartehstickman[Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3

Bad: I was so confused.

Good: It reminded me of Farm of Souls and that game has badges! (I was just as confused in that game, too.)

Rating: 3/5

AceeriComing Night

Bad: What’s happening? …if anything. Not enough stats. Not nearly enough information about what I can buy and what I should buy.

Good: Solid foundation. More work and you might have something worthwhile.

Rating: 2/5

I wish the turnout was somewhat close to the last GiTD. I got spoiled. Anywho, it seemed to me that all four games were rushed and unfinished. Hopefully with more time they can all live up to the potential I know they have. Now to get to my votes:

1st place:
feartehstickman[Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3

It seemed, to me, to be a decent start for an idle game.


Tie-breaker time!

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn~

If you recall, I stated in my voting post for the last GiTD that the theme is the tie-breaker. So, if you read my reviews above then you know which game will take 2nd place.

2nd place: BobJanovaNight and Day

Congratulations to everyone for participating and thank you for letting me be a part of GiTD again! :-D

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1st – Today is Forever (Gengii) – The art and viewpoint is very cool.

2nd – Coming Night (Aceeri) – Nice pacing and strategy, you should try to expand on the idea a bit.

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We’ve pretty much presented a what we have so far. 10 days isn’t much. Some of us started late. It was a fun experience. Doing more of these is good programming/planning practice.

>1 BobJanova, I don’t like tower defense, but it does use the GiTD theme very well and is a unique twist on the genre which interests me. If you could grow so far as to invade the enemy where it’s dark underground, would be fun! As mentioned above, still a lot that’s being worked on. I didn’t like that the ‘day’ was still counting by while you were reading, or that the reading will automatically advance for you. I died on the first night. My second attempt was better. Pressing the ‘X’ to close building box is difficult.

>2 I’m still at a tie between the other two If there’s a draw I’ll choose one over the other, but at this point I cannot.

- Aceeri’s does have a use for night. But it’s quite slow and I’d only play it while I walk away to do something else. I think it doesn’t run at all unless it’s the active window?? I tried to let it idle and check on it occasionally. I can clearly see there’s more that can be done to improve. Priority being time control. or ‘end phase’ Night time doesn’t need to last 5 minutes, resolve the battle and move on. I want to play before my own day turns to night.

- feartehstickman can be left running as an idle game in the daytime phase. I don’t see any use for night as it is currently. I left it running and returned to nearly 5000 cows and my 1000+ townsfolk were all determined to walk to the one cow at the edge of the herd. I’m happy they didn’t decide to eat us instead. I’d like to know what else is planned for this game. because I don’t see how it fits the theme currently.

- Thanks for the critique on my own entry. Yes, much of what’s been said is planned or is already in place. However you’d need to talk with the NPC’s to advance the story. I do plan to develop it to completion.

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A Thank you:
Thanks for the critique on my game guys. I know it doesn’t have a lot of things, but the main problem was if I added every little thing you said, I wouldn’t be able to finish by the GiTD deadline as I started a couple of days late. I’m still working on the game, hopefully it will come up to your ideas of a nice game. The main part I think I should work on is the “Skip to Night” kind of thing as a couple of you said. – Aceeri

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Hurrah! A gitd with few enough entries I can find time to play them all.

My 2 points go to BobJanova – It wants some sound and art, but I thought this was a compelling, functional game. A few minor things that want fixing:
*The speed timer doesn’t get reset when starting a new game (and I lost my second game because it got to night time before I noticed)
*The hp for the enemies needs rounding before displaying on the screen. Something like myTextbox.text = myNumber.toFixed(2); should do it.
*The close window button only works when clicking the X itself. If it’s a movieclip, add a transparent rectangle as part of the clip to extend the hit area. If it’s a button, there’s a separate frame you can use to draw the hit area.
Good work!

1 point for FearehStickman – not really a game yet, but it’s interesting and fun to watch. Maybe have the game start at night time so the only animal doesn’t get murdered before the player figures out what they’re supposed to do?

Aceeri – I tried 3 times but couldn’t get it working – game always seems to freeze at nightfall so I couldn’t explore the economics. It doesn’t really seem finished yet but it’s got potential.

Gengii – I was put off by the wall of text at the beginning – try and tell your story as part of the gameplay. The start text didn’t fit inside the boxes so I couldn’t read it all. Make sure your font is embedded? It might look fine on your machine but not so good on computers without that font installed. I didn’t like the world spinning round thing, it made me feel a bit queasy. I can see you’ve put a lot of work in there, and the artwork is OK – fix the problems and I think there’s a good game hidden underneath.

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Thanks for the feedback all. Unfortunately what with starting on day 5 I got to beta test phase on Sunday afternoon and didn’t get much of a chance to playtest the balance! It’s supposed to be hard but is perhaps a little too much so (and some more active defence structures would be a good idea).

Gengii – doesn’t really feel finished enough to me, even for a 10 day challenge. The monologue at the start is a bit annoying, even if you could see it all (which you can’t; make sure you test this kind of thing), and I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do. It also froze for me talking to the guy next to ‘yo dawg’ in the third scene to the right.

Feartehstickman – seems to be an idle game, which isn’t really my thing. It’s reasonably complete for a 10 day challenge, although it’s much too easy to scroll the village out of view; I think you should limit the scroll to the area with things happening. The first time I played I lost everything.

Does night mode have a purpose?

Aceeri – I couldn’t make it do anything. I built some stuff, trained some armies and nothing happened. Are things happening that I can’t see? It seems to be missing the feedback on actions that makes a game, well, a game.

I’m going to vote for:
1st Feartehstickman – not my type of game as I say but the closest to a complete game, and an attempt to incorporate the theme.
2nd Gengii – for an interesting concept even if I can’t work out how to play

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Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

If the popularity of the next GiTD is going to be this low, it will go back to being scheduled whenever everyone has time rather than on a monthly basis.

I really did mean to enter, I just…didn’t get any workable ideas until the last few days. T_____T

Anyway, reviews/feedbacks:

BobJanova: I’ll be honest—I dislike defense-style games immensely. Despite that, the game seems relatively bug-free and even has ingame tutorials—pretty impressive for a 10-day! That aside, I notice that, while I’m reading my tutorial text, my day timer is ticking away without mercy. Since I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what does what and how best to use it, the ticking timer makes me panic somewhat and I screw up pretty bad. Night comes and my single gun gets devoured, followed by everything else. Slowly. Painfully. So I crank it up to x9 (or whatever the highest is) to expedite my impending demise. I start over and…it’s still on x9? :o Anyway, your popups should auto-pause the timer and a new game shouldn’t remember the previous game’s speed setting. And your tutorial level is unusually hard for a tutorial level. I blame the lack of balance on the mere 10 days, though.

Gengii: Pretty graphics. The intro text is overly wordy—a mistake I’ve made in the past too. When you want to dump a lot of text on players, I suggest having different background images come and go to help illustrate the story. And a skip button. ALWAYS add as skip button. As for the gameplay, the rotaty-world is a neat concept, but a tad disorienting. Bonus points for stepping in dog doo though—I approve! Anyway I couldn’t do much with this, it locked up the moment I talked to some shopkeeper girl, so not much else to say. It’ll be interesting to see this game when it’s more playable.

feartehstickman: Why in the name of mighty Thor is my army of people running back and forth to the furthest cow when it’d be easier to just…move the corpse? Or kill one closer? Instead of having the people run back and forth like that, why not have them try to carry the whole thing in one go? Carrying it could reduce movement speed by 90-95%, with each additional helper negating that penalty by 1-2%. It might actually make more sense for them to slowly drag the whole cow into the house rather than running out to the edge of town, hacking off a chunk of flesh, then running all the way back. Also, despite the fact I have a lot of land now, my trees are growing in one small location in a huge clump. Oh, and as someone else said, you might want to start the game off at night. The very first time I played it, before I knew what to do, my one guy ran out, shanked the only living animal in the world, and that was that. Finally, the animals seem to double each time they reproduce, and can even reproduce with only one alive. Are they asexual? Consider 1) making male and female versions (an extra thing for the player to worry about) and 2) allowing the player some more control by lettin gthem command the people which animal, tree, rock, etc to attack, when, where, and what to build, etc. There’s a lot you could do with this now that the 10 day crunch is over with.

Aceeri: This looks as though it could be the start of something interesting, but like, I can’t tell if anything is happening. I bought a bunch of upgrades that I don’t understand the significance of and like, things are sitting there. Either the timer is really slow, or it’s not done yet. Oh, and I see troops standing around, but like, the numbers say I have 0, 0, and 0. I can’t buy (or train?) any, either. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like the bad guys will show up for a long, long time. ;) Anyway, keep at it. There’s a lot still to do I imagine, so that’s about all the feedback I can offer.

And now, votes:

1) BobJanova – Night and Day
2) feartehstickman – Day/Night v3
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I would just like to say that, while tricky, it is definitely possible to win all the levels in my game.

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1st: BobJanova – Night and Day (GitD Edition) – It’s the only game worth playing at this stage of development.
2nd: Gengii – Today Is Forever – Despite its tedious unskippable intro (and other problems), I was interested enough to replay a few times in the hopes of being able to achieve something. I was not able to achieve something.

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Originally posted by Ace_Blue:

BobJanova’s Light and Day:

This game feels and plays like Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled

+1 for providing a link to a game right away that I could open in a new tab with an excellent soundtrack for reading these critiques. _

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1st – feartehstickman – [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3
2nd– Aceeri – Coming Night

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1st: Gengii – Even though the game is glitchey, and I crashed a few times trying to talk to people, this game shows the most potential. The time travelling gimmick seems like it will be fun to play with once the kinks are worked out.

2nd: BobJanova – Started this game, remembered Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled, and immediately went and played it for the first time in 3 years. Besides that, it’s an eh game so far compared to others of it’s genre, maybe it will improve.

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Bobjanova is my only vote; Quite a good game, albeit the blue units being impossible to kill, resistent to day, and even lights can not stop them even in clusters of three((I believe a bug)), but a definite play once the game has been updated and finished

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1st: BobJanova – Night and Day (GitD Edition) (awful name)

Functional, playable, and clean. Wasn’t really in the mood to play through it, though, so I only went through the tutorial and a bit of the first level. I’ll never understand why people want to make dialogue boxes that time out or have the game state progress while the uninitiated player tries to get up to speed.

2nd: feartehstickman – [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3 (terrible name too!)

Kind of gets second place by default, since I couldn’t get the two others to work past a few seconds in. The idea is interesting, but the execution needs a lot of TLC (tender llama caresses). Not sure what the goal is (is there one?), or what the percentages are supposed to indicate (or the black squares underneath)… but I haven’t spent an overly long time with it, either.

Gengii – Today Is Forever

Text I can’t read but have to click through and freezing when attempting to talk to random people… The screen rotating thing could potentially be interesting, I guess, if there’s an actual reason for it beyond “it seemed cool”.

Aceeri – Coming Night

Built one of each structure, trained some of each soldier, waited for nightfall, and 50 enemy troops appeared! And just stood there… So my guys did what any reasonably-well trained soldier would do in that event: they also just stood there. I don’t know which side was winning the staring contest, but I know I lost. ;)

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

If the popularity of the next GiTD is going to be this low, it will go back to being scheduled whenever everyone has time rather than on a monthly basis.

Sorry, I was too busy avoiding working on my current project to work on the GiTD. Next time for sure, maybe.