GiTD [#30] Winners Announced!

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Voting Ends:
Thursday 14th March 10pm GMT (5pm EST, 2pm PST)

Voting Rules:
You must vote for a 1st place and a 2nd Place. The 1st place vote will receive 2 points and the 2nd place vote will receive 1 point. The person with the most points will win. Using alts to vote will result in disqualifications. Remember to make it clear who you are voting for. You cannot vote for yourself.

MossyStump – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle
Senekis93 – Dungeon
CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks
feartehstickman – [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon
Elyzius – Dungeoneers
Kewry – Crawling Through Weird Places

Good Luck to everyone.

(And if a game/entry is on Kongregate, rate the game please!)

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When is the next GiTD… I wanna get in on that

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Good luck everyone!

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Wow…. the quality of these various entries goes from great to outright horrible and in poor taste.

1. MossyStump – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

I love the puzzle mechanics, I’m pretty sure you could elaborate on this and have an amazing game.

2. CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks

Interesting little twist on tetris mechanics, although I do wish it was a bit fleshed out.

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Untitled Dungeon Puzzle: Great concept and execution. More gameplay elements would really improve it, also, I didn’t particularly like the fake stairs idea since I’ve never liked the mix of luck and puzzle. Other than that, I think it’s perfect. Of course it needs more levels, and harder ones, but it’s understandable that you didn’t have the time to pull 50 hard levels in ten days. A level editor would also be a nice addition for players. Great job!

Dungeon Blocks: I liked the concept, but I got bored after some levels, particularlly because there wasn’t a goal, so I got the ever higher score and felt nothing about it because there’s no way to tell if N points are good or bad for a particular level. That made it feel like I didn’t have to even try, since you can complete a dungeon with 0 points. Other than that, the concept looks solid and should be fun once there’s a goal to achieve. Also, the upper border doesn’t seem to be considered while checking for closed areas.

Escape the Dungeon: I wasn’t able to play it for long because it glitched out with some text about going upstairs to meet my fate. The Z key is rather annoying, given the WASD setup. Try Shift instead? Also, I found it weird that the character doesn’t rotate when you move left or right, as it does when you move up or right. I’d change the whole rotation system so you simply move with WASD and rotate towards the mouse pointer. That’ make it easier to fight and really improve the experience. And… fix the stairs bug, also, it said something about not being able to go back after that; perhaps ask the player to confirm before taking the game to the next level? I didn’t want to move upstairs, hell, I didn’t even know those were stairs. x.x

Dungeoneers: Not really good at its current state, but gives a hint of what can become of it after some polishing, and that looks really promising. Most of the things I could suggest have to do with polishing x or y aspect, so I’ll just skip those. Gameplay wise, the combat system seemed rather strange; units seemed to have a really shitty accuracy. Even the rangers would miss half of the time while the enemies were next to them, which reminds me that Diablo/that-demon-thingy seemed to be the only enemy able to hit (and kill) my units. Some work and you may have a solid game there.

Crawling Through Weird Places: Really nice game. I’d change the way that chests behave; make them open/drop stuff when you walk over them. Another thing I’d like is an option to use the mouse to rotate and attack. It’s kind of impossible to survive against fast enemies because the moment you turn to them in order to attack, they catch and kill you. That would be solved by being able to attack to the right while moving to the left. Loved the custom controls, btw). And… perhaps make a separate inventory for health potions, I used two of them by accident while swapping, removing and checking the items I had. Nice job!

Hard choices here.

1st: Untitled Dungeon Puzzle.

2nd: Crawling Through Weird Places.

Good job, everyone.

UG: About the popularity, I don’t think it has to do with it being monthly or not. Look at the archives (which I should update when I’m done with this), a lot of GiTDs have had less than six entrants, back when they weren’t a monthly thing.

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Popularity message was an accidental copy/pasta from the previous GiTD thread.

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1. Crawling through weird places
2. Dungeoneers

I may or may not write summaries later. I don’t like critiquing other peoples work

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I need to like, stop even implying that I’m going to enter these. I need to accept the fact that I’m the kind of person who likes to make overly-ambitious and detailed games AND I’m just flat-out too slow and easily distracted.

Anyway, the games:

MossyStump – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle: Neat idea, but I don’t like the forced-wasd. Also, it seems like the puzzles go from no-brain to pretty difficult in a short period of time. Other than that, I pretty much agree with what Senekis said—needs more gameplay elements besides “move segments around.” While fake exits might be one way to accomplish this, it’s not a very likeable and fun way. Puzzles and random chance mix poorly.

Senekis93 – Dungeon: ROFL, I almost did something like that when I realized there was only about 2 days left. I wasn’t sure how many people would appreciate the humor though, especially since my version would’ve been quite a bit more offensive than yours.

CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks: Neat take on Tetris-style gameplay, although Senekis summed up my main complaint nicely—there’s no goal. “Yaay I built a dungeon and got a score. I passed!” Target scores would make the gameplay feel more engaging.

Escape the Dungeon – feartehstickman: The lack of left-right rotation is…weird. Also, it seems like the doors don’t always open like I suspect they’re supposed to, meaning the only way to proceed is to go upstairs, get slaughtered, and respawn/try again. Weird. Also, Z to open/interact and space to attack seems weird. Why not just have one key do both? And if the mouse isn’t going to be used for moving/attacking, why do I need to use it to close dialog? Those are the things I’d clean up first.

Dungeoneers – Elyzius: Neat start, but like…I have to ask—what’s with the combat in this game? I started writing this post while my two knights were wailing away, and they’re STILL at it. The chance to hit seems absolutely abysmal (players don’t typically like games where their characters miss all the time) and, on top of that, the time between swings is really slow. Makes the combat VERY uninteresting. Speed up the attack speeds, and mitigate damage through armor/absorption/reduction rather than evasion. I finally gave up on the…thing (skeleton?) I was fighting and ran down to fight some red thing. If I’m still fighting it when I finish this post, I’m just going to give up. Still, with some work, this could be pretty cool.

Crawling Through Weird Places – Kewry: Right away though, I highly dislike the fact that I’m forced to stab and back up to compensate for the character’s painfully slow swing recharge timer. Also forced-wasd. I assume that, with more time, there will be more variance in the enemy movement patterns and walls/other obstacles instead of just an open field. And of course a proper character sprite. Great start though, I hope this continues to get worked on, because I’m a sucker for LoZ-style games.

And with that, the votes:

#1: Crawling Through Weird Places – Kewry
#2: Dungeon Blocks – Curious Gaming
Honorable Mention: Dungeon – Senekis…because it made me /lol

Nice job cupcakes!

PS: My knights are STILL fighting the red thing in Dungeoneers and everyone is still at full health. WTF?

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Aesica, you can change your keys in the options menu and thanks!

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  • 1st: Crawling Through Weird Places – Fun and is in a playable state!
  • 2nd: Dungeoneers – Seems like it could be very fun. It is disorientating at first though.

  • Dungeon – Probably would’ve voted if it had content. Even though it wasn’t an original idea, it seemed like you could have executed it very well. Was anticipating something epic :P.
  • Untitled Dungeon Puzzle – Interesting, but I think the dungeon theme actually detracted from it because of how it took the art direction. Seems like it could be a solid game on a touch/mobile device.
  • Escape the Dungeon – Has potential, but clunky and slow to control atm. Hero should be be centered consistently or something? It’s weird at how the hero stays around the center.
  • Dungeon Blocks – Neat idea. I don’t understand how the story relates to the game play, though.
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A note on my game:
There are three doors, 2 which are locked, 1 which is not.
The unlocked room contains a chest, which has a key, which unlocks a door.
Inside that room is a chest and a key.
1 more room, 1 more chest.
Progressing through the rooms gives you better weapons, making the final fight easier, but by all means, go attack him with a rock if you want.
The lack of rotation is simply so you can’t walk half through walls, but everyone wants to rotate, so I’ll fix that.FIXED YOU NOW HAVE 8 WHOLE DIRECTIONS!
Resetting the game makes it go strange.FIXED Noone likes Z.(PRESS ANY KEY NOW) My stairs look funny.(not fixed)
Yes, the AI is dodgy and I’m not entirely sure why.(FIXED – mostly) I’ll try and improve it.

Provisional voting: (hopefully Nutter turns up)
MossyStump – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle
Interesting puzzle design and reasonably innovative, nice.
Senekis93 – Dungeon
CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks
Nice. Having a new goal of what to make each level was certainly a good idea and helped to keep me playing.
Elyzius – Dungeoneers
I don’t know what it was but the fighting between people and creatures was extremely slow and tedious, and since that was pretty much all there was to the game, I’m afraid I didn’t stay for long.
Kewry – Crawling Through Weird Places
I don’t know where I am, I’m not sure what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, but it’s fun. Getting new gear…
But then the lack of direction takes its toll, every room is similar, all the gear is worse than what I have…
1. CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks
2. Kewry – Crawling Through Weird Places

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Untitled Dungeon Puzzle: I loved it, and played it through and through. Keep adding levels, it’s a great concept.

Dungeon: Just making sure I’m not missing something: there are only two branches and the four possible outcomes are all identical, right?

Dungeon Blocks: I like the idea. It starts a bit weak and boring trying to make small spaces, but then I fired level 10 for fun and realized that in later levels larger gaps yield other monsters, I thought that was really neat. I don’t quite like Tetris enough to keep at it, but it’s a really neat idea.

Escape the Dungeon: I mistakenly bypassed every room on my first playthrough, but then the boss had the courtesy to move back to his resting position when I retreated, with his back to me, so I bashed his skull in from behind. With a rock. While he just stood there. You might want to fix that, or was it intentional? I’ve been waiting for a flash game that does the whole ‘sneak around and backstab enemies’ well for a very long time. If you keep at it, yours could be it.

Dungeoneers: I made a team of exterminators and started working on the rat infestation problem at the church, but then I ran into a skeleton that neither of my guys could hit and it couldn’t do anything to them either, so that was that. Bug report though: clicking on the skeleton generated a null object reference error. Thought you might want to know.

Crawling through weird places: I could not find a use for the keys, nor could I see what the other loot did. Coupled with the very slow attack speed and the lack of instructions I fumbled for a while before figuring out what I should be doing (hint: ‘space’ attacks.) The lack of obstacles makes kiting the enemies the only viable tactic, albeit a tedious and repetitive one.

My votes:

Untitled Dungeon Puzzle 2 points.
Dungeon Blocks: 1 point.

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★★★★★*Untitled Dungeon Puzzle* Has my 1st vote for originality.

★★★*Dungeon* would have gotten my number 1 vote if I could have gotten past the sweet kitty lady.
I was really hoping for an epic point and click object adventure to escape my doom.

★★*Dungeon Blocks* Interesting idea. Brought me back to the early 90’s :P

★★*Escape the Dungeon* pretty cool D&D type idea. Elaborate more and you could end up like a hybrid of Mardek or Legend of Pandora.

★★★★*Dungeoneers* Receives my second vote for being a good quick mouse navigable game.
Crawling Through Weird Places I really like the soundtrack and it was one of the only entries with a soundtrack.

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I have now fixed the more crippling, annoying and requested problems.
(enemies aren’t that retarded, you can rotate, use a key that isn’t z, press key instead of click to advance text boxes, choose whether or not to go up stairs, shit shouldn’t explode too violently when you restart)

All future reviewers should probably imagine my game as a broken (or a slightly more broken than it is currently) version of itself.

Originally posted by Ace_Blue:

Escape the Dungeon: I mistakenly bypassed every room on my first playthrough, but then the boss had the courtesy to move back to his resting position when I retreated, with his back to me, so I bashed his skull in from behind. With a rock. While he just stood there. You might want to fix that, or was it intentional? I’ve been waiting for a flash game that does the whole ‘sneak around and backstab enemies’ well for a very long time. If you keep at it, yours could be it.

Something along the lines of:
“I thought Flash’s modulo would convert negative numbers to positive, but it did not. So my enemies acted like complete retards”.
A 2 line function in place of % managed to increase their IQs exponentially.
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1st – Crawling through weird places
2nd – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

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1st – Crawling through weird places
2nd – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

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1st – Crawling through weird places
2nd – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

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Dungeon – Senekis93

I had to talk to Mossy to determine that there was no actual gameplay in this game. Apparently it was meant as a joke. You’ve got some pretty crazy menu transition effects but no game play so I’m counting this one out.

Dungeoneers – Elyzius

An interesting game but sadly not a very good game. The best thing the game has is the pathfinding system. It freaked out a bit when both you and the enemy were trying to get to each other but otherwise it was very strongly done.

The combat was really shallow. Apparently the Knight has so much armor nothing can hit him, even at level 1. Sadly, he also hadn’t really hit anything that is not a rat. The monk dies far too easily to tell if he can hit the skeleton/humanoid enemies on the 3rd floor. Ranger can actually shoot from a distance but it’s far too hard to see if he’s even attacking. Barbarian does good damage but also takes damage and dies a bit too easily. Considering that you gain so little money running the dungeon killing rats you can’t level up or gain new people to your party without serious rat grinding. I’m not even sure you can damage the skeleton guys or the final boss.

Controls were ok but also left a lot to be desired. All you can basically do is tell your people where to go and let them to the rest. This leaves us with very little strategy. If you click a living thing on the map you get a little rotating triangle selection over it but it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. The opening screen was also very confusing as clicking the church without any people at all doesn’t explain anything.

All in all the game has good promise but feels highly unfinished.

Escape the Dungeon – feartehstickman

I’ve posted the bugs and such that I found on the comments fo the game so I’ll leave them out of this. The game was a bit short and linear but decently well done barring the few issues it had. At least this one is a completely playable game.

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Dungeon Blocks – CuriousGaming
I’ve got to give this game props for being a pretty well put together game considering how late CG started on it. I wasn’t sure where he was going with the tetris theme at first but I get the idea now.

As others have said this game has no real goal to it. You want to get the best score to make the dungeon as hard as possible for the heroes to go through but you can “clear” a dungeon without a single monster in it.

For the most part moving up to the next level meant just making largers spaces, which was oddly easier than making smaller ones at the lower levels. The one exception was the Beholder level. To make one of those you have to make a long corridor without leaving a 3×3 space.

Sadly, the biggest flaw in this game is the Tetris mechanic itself. It makes it far too hard to try and build, esp near the top of the playfield. Trying to make a dragon lair was very tricky as once you get the blocks near the top you can’t really do anything to close it off. Far too often I’d end up wasting blocks because I’d be in too large of a hurry after placing a piece and I’d move it before it was fully down. The other side I’d wait long enough to make sure it was fully down and the next piece would come so quickly I couldn’t move my player in time to not drop the next block right there as well.

What I think would make this game work so much better would be to keep the Tetris themed pieces but make each level have a non-random set of pieces and allow the player to place them anywhere on the floor plan they want. This would make it possible to tweak and change the design to try and maximize the amount of score, instead of it just being a bunch of dumb luck. You’d also need to have actual goals for the levels, such as having to build a certain number of the newest lair type.

I really thought this game would be the winner for me this month until I played through all ten levels.

Crawling Through Weird Places – Kewry

At first I had ranked this game as one of the bottom games but that was because I completely missed the player inventory part of things. This meant I ended up in rooms with enemies I couldn’t hurt at all and it looked woefully unfinished.

I do like the concept behind the game but it’s got flaws that kept it from the top spot. The inventory screen is FAR too tiny. It’s very hard to change out gear without clicking the wrong thing and I really didn’t want to have to use that much precision just to be safe.

I really did not like how there were monsters who would match my speed perfectly, leaving no time to turn around and hit them without getting hit yourself. I also didn’t like how the whole game is basically kiting the enemies around in a large circle.

I did appreciate how gear changes showed up with a +/- next to the stat. Without that I never would have played the game to it’s “end”. It would have been nice if getting a + to weapon speed was a good thing instead of a bad thing, just so it would match the rest of them.

Untitled Dungeon Puzzle – MossyStump
Of all the games this time around this one seems like the most like a full game. The levels aren’t really balanced for difficulty and I’m not really fond of the fake stairs but none of the levels had a nasty long puzzle to solve that leads to a fake staircase so it’s not unforgivable.

I must agree with adamkingdom that this game seems like it would fit really well on a touch device. Clicking/dragging a square you are not on would move it. Clicking on the one you are on would rotate. If the rest of the ideas Mossy has for this game fit that same touch friendly setup this could really work.

Altogether the only real flaw the game has is the lack of decent puzzles and puzzle order, which is easily made up for by the fact that the rest of the game works.

I put these in order of lowest to highest so we’ve got Mossy as the 1st place vote and Kewry as the 2nd place.

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Originally posted by Kewry:

Aesica, you can change your keys in the options menu and thanks!

Woops! I guess I just represented every derp of a player who complains about something that can be changed in the options menu. That’s what happens why I try to judge entries when I’m tired.

Anyway, while I’m at it, I should probably mention the inventory aspect—I meant to last night but like, yeah I forgot. While some people like juggling tons of items like that, I find “the mmo inventory minigame” to be something of a chore rather than a fun aspect of gameplay. What I mean is how enemies shower you in gear drops, especially since much of it is worthless. What this results in is periods where you stop the actual gameplay to go on an inventory-stomping minigame. This aspect reminded me of the Monsters Den series, and although I find those games enjoyable overall, having to stop and sort through row upon row of armor, swords, etc to find the upgrades vs the trash frequently makes me not want to keep playing.

So unless there’s a compelling and interesting choice behind mixing and matching certain items with certain stats, you may want to consider more of a Legend of Zelda approach as opposed to the Diablo approach. Or at least, gold drops instead of item drops, with gear in a shop. More action, less bookkeeping! :D

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My 2 points for Kewry and 1 for MossyStump.I’ll post my thoughts more once I’ve finished my game! Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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1st- MossyStump
2nd- CuriousGaming

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MossyStump – Untitled Dungeon Puzzle
Good, excellent concept and fairly well completed for a ten day game. No sound and a few control annoyances (y no arrows? y no space to go to next level?).

Senekis93 – Dungeon
Not a game, don’t really get why it’s funny.

CuriousGaming – Dungeon Blocks
Decent idea. I got a bit bored playing though, some form of story or quests would make this a more fun game than simply ‘make this shape, okay now make this shape’.

feartehstickman – [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon
The graphics are beyond budget (yes, I know, I should talk etc) to a level where they detract from the game. Enemies seeing you before you even see that they exist because of the high zoom factor is a bit uncool. I couldn’t see any skill in the combat system, so it might as well be auto-engage to save players dying from accidentally attacking the wrong way (didn’t happen to me but it easily could).

Elyzius – Dungeoneers
Has potential, but as others have found, the combat just doesn’t seem to work, and that’s a pretty fundamental part of a dungeon crawler. All the effort on this one seems to have gone into the menu screen.

Kewry – Crawling Through Weird Places
Definitely potential in this one. This is the closest to a finished game, I think, despite the placeholder graphic for the player character. I had trouble with fast enemies which don’t give you any chance to get out of the way, but as death isn’t terminal, that didn’t annoy me too much.

My votes: 1st Crawling Through Weird Places, 2nd Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

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Unnamed Dungeon Game: nice puzzle concept, but I felt it was clunky compared to similar games, probably due to a lack of time to polish it before the deadline. The gameplay and the concepts introduced are polished, but the style isn’t. Also, saving is buggy – if you get stuck on a level, just refresh and you start on the level after.

Dungeon: if those catgirls had been Justin Biebers I’d have rated this one way higher. It reminded me of when we were first taught about a Powerpoint-type program, and everyone just spent all their time on page transitions instead of content xD

Dungeon Blocks: I love the concept, but I don’t feel like the implementation is quite right. I hope more work goes into improving it!

Escape the Dungeon: there’s a lot that felt unfinished about this game. But it’s the type of game that needs more than ten days work anyway, and I think what’s there is a good start. It would be great to see more work put into this game.

Dungeoneers: my trusty Knight 2 thought he’d found a solution to the horrendously slow combat speed – making use of the excellent pathfinding to sprint for the stairs right away every time.Then he met an epileptic dragon, and since it seemed unlikely to hurt him, he couldn’t bright himself to attack it. This wasn’t the epic adventure that was expected of him.

Crawling Through Weird Place: this game is ugly. But, it’s also got some fairly solid gameplay behind it, which counts for a lot. FUn for a little while, and I liked the equipment and stuff.


1st: Untitled Dungeon Puzzle, because it’s the most complete by far.
2nd: Escape the Dungeon, because despite feeling entirely rushed and unfinished, it was the only game that I kept playing til the ending.