how well planed my project must be before I commission a programmer ?

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I never commission a programmer before!
I have a project for a learning software and it requires work of a professional programmer. I would like to know how should I present the project to a programmer to elaborate a budget.

I would ask for the programmer to help with the planning and then for a prototype.

here is some of my ideas for how to present the project:
1) make a video simulation of the main features of the program, showing the desirable behaviors.
2) make a map of what would be in the work space with the explanation of every button, tool and menus.
3) references: show other programs with similar desirable behavior that I want.

I know a little bit of how programming works but no programming language :
“when you click this button this action must be done if the target has the value >= 2
if the value is <2 do this other action”
as you can see very little, but it’s better than nothing.

Can someone give some advices please ?

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Depends how much you trust the programmer and how deep your technical knowledge is.

If you hire someone you’ve never met on Freelancer they will do the minimum required to meet your spec and nothing more.

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ok thanks Curious

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This is a good question for those looking for help. Ovazi, your first task should be creating a Game Design Document.
Its essentially your blueprint for your game. Once you have that, you’ll be able to present your idea to others and depending on how good it the idea is get the help you need. There’s no wrong way to write a GDR, so long as you are able to present your idea with it. Option 2 and 3 in your first post should be crucial to making a GDR. If you need a good example Im sure theres one stickied on the forum somewhere.

your second task should be learning actionscript 3 or another programming language that means being able to read and write code. Read it so you can tell if your progammer is good, or very sloppy. Write it so you will be able to program and understand the project that you are making.

Hope this advice helps