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Please excuse the multiple post, but there is no search utility in this forum.

I’m ready to release my first Flash game, and have learned it needs to be encrypted/obfuscated or otherwise locked.

There are several SWF encryptors advertised, which is best? which do you use? Why?

I’m developing on MAC, but have access to Windows.


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A site lock you can code for yourself.

I wouldn’t bother with encryption until you’re making money. Your first game probably won’t be good enough to be worth protecting.

I use this one

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The only functional encryption trick I’ve seen was Skyboy’s method where he added some asm code that trapped decompilers in nonsense loops. Don’t have a link. Point is, all of the commercial/publicly available ones fail.

If you really need to somehow protect its code, I think the best would be to throw a simple sitelock and make your own obfuscator, making sure that whatever it changes doesn’t hit performance. That said, as long as one person bothers to spend a couple of hours, days or weeks (depending on how well you protected it) reading and figuring it out, it won’t be safe. All clientside protection can do is to delay the time it takes for people to do whatever they want to do with your code.

E: Found the link. Although in that one he seems to have user a different method involving a Loader.

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I don’t think there’s much point to encrypting a game. The number of games stolen through source code hacking is pretty low, relative to other methods of stealing games.

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