Trading graphic skills for programming lessons

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Hi there,

I’m a freelance pixel artist looking to get into coding and game making. I’ve looked through some of the flash tutorials on the site, and although they’ve been helpful I think I’d be able to learn a lot more by working with a real person.

I’m willing to trade my graphic skills that can be implemented into your game, you can view some of my free time work here: I’ve also done some work for a game that you can view here:

I can’t really afford adobe flash so if it would be possible to teach OOP programming that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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There are many, many OOP tutorials online. Google is your best friend. :)

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You might wanna try the collaboration forums as well, even though it isn’t exactly a collaboration. You’ll be more likely to find someone suiting your interest. Nice art by the way :D.

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I’d probably be up for this, provided I could find the time. If you can’t get Flash, FlashDevelop is a more than worthy substitute (especially since you make your graphics as pixel art anyway).

If you could post what you want to learn, or at least what you want to learn to do, that’d be helpful.

Like others have said, online tutorials are abundant though.

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Don’t forget GDR!

Chat with other coder’s and post code if/when you need help. Just be patient when you post, usually people are working on other things.