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Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to create something similar to a Textfield variable but is as if you are selecting a certain area. Say SelectionArea is a type of variable so it would go something like this:

var blah:SelectionArea = new SelectionArea();


Something like that. If there is anything similar to this in anyway, please tell me, it would help me a lot.

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I would use a Rectangle for that. Let’s assume you are making an RTS game and want to make it possible to select multiple units by drawing a rectangle around them, that’s a fairly classic use of selection areas. I’d recommend doing:

selectionArea:Rectangle, a permanent variable that you initialize when you initialize the game.

in the function that handles MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN events add:

selectionArea.x = screenToMapX(mouseX);
selectionArea.y = screenToMapY(mouseY);

where screenToMapZ is a function that converts a coordinate Z = X or Y on the screen to the corresponding position on the game map, based on where the view currently is.

In the function that handles MOUSE_UP events add:

temp = screenToMap(mouseX) - selectionArea.x;
if (temp > 0) selectionArea.width = temp;
    selectionArea.x += temp;
    selectionArea.width = -temp;
//same with height.
if (selectionArea.width >= minimalSelectionWidth && selectionArea.height >= minimalSelectionHeight)
// Reset the selection area by making its x, y, width and height variables 0.

where selectUnitsIn is a function that loops over all units on the map and for each unit:
Deselects it.
Checks if it is controlled by the player and located inside the selection rectangle and if so, selects it.

Hope this helps.

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To get into more detail with this.

The game I am attempting to make has counties which are inside of territories, I need to have it so for each county, there is a box around it that is 1 pixel bigger in length and width. This would allow me to find adjacent territories for sending “troops.”

So I need it so:

countyAdj.width = county.width + 2;
countyAdj.height = county.height +2;
countyAdj.x = county.x + 1;
countyAdj.y = county.y + 1;

So it would create a box with a pixel border around the county.

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I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve, but countryAdj.x should get country.x – 1 and CountryAdj.y should get country.y – 1 in that example. If you are trying to find adjacent territories, perhaps you could store the territories in a grid. Or have each territory have references to the territories that it is adjacent to. Again, I’m not sure what the task is: mind posting a picture/diagram of some sort?