[AS] Help with scroll text boxes and variables.

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I’m trying to create a list of names, with corrosponding numbers within a scrollbox.

Gold = 1
Silver = 10
Bronze = 20

I’d like to have this information contained within a scrollable dynamic text box, however I have no clue how to put multiple variables into a text box.

I tried having a simple scrollbox with gold,silver,bronze typed manually, and dynamic scrollbox next to it to contain the number values. EX:

__________ ______
Gold | | 1 |
Silver | | 10 |
Bronze | | 20 |

…but I do not know how to make the dynamic text box load the variables for gold/silver/bronze individually, let alone to place them each on their own line.

(I’ve already created up/down arrow buttons to scroll both text boxes.)

How can I have a single text box load different variables, 1 variable per line?
OR, if that’s impossible (or impractical),
How can I achieve that effect with many text boxes?

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I’ve made a dynamic text box (with variable “orearray”) that shows both item name and it’s variable quantity;

orearray = (“Iron” + _root.iron newline “Gold” + _root.gold)
to show:
Iron 10
Gold 1

It ultimately was an error with the font type. Solved now.

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You can make your text box have a mask that only displays 1 line at a time. Add an event listener for a click on the text box to get ‘focus’ (optional) and add a scroll event to make the object that cointains your text move up or down each time the scroll wheel is turned. If that doesn;t make sense I can whip up an example for you.

As for displaying the text in the single text box to get a new line in a string you type "text1"+"\n"+"text2"
So for your example
var goldVar:uint = 1
var silverVar:uint = 10
var bronzeVar:uint = 20

textBoxText.text = "Gold “goldVar”\n"+"Silver “silverVar”\n"+"Bronze "+bronzeVar

Will display in a text box thats big enough

Gold 1
Silver 10
Bronze 20

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Scroll event should look like this.

public function mouseWheel(event:MouseEvent)
			if (event.delta == 3)
				yourMoveclipThatContainsYourText.y -=  scrollYOffSetScrollSpeed;
			if (event.delta == -3)
				yourMoveclipThatContainsYourText.y +=  scrollYOffSetScrollSpeed;

Where scrollYOffSetScrollSpeed is the height of 1 line of your text box. Also add a if statement to make it so the person can’t scroll it any higher than the top text or any lower then the bottom text box.

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You should stop editing and just replying by the way… Im answering your questions that you keep editing over. If someone else has a similar problem or similar questions it would be good if they could see what your asking so the answers i’m giving have context.

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Sorry for all the edits. I appreciate the help, but I figured out a much simpler method;

Using: orearray = new Array("Gold"+_root.gold newline "Silver"+_root.silver +newline+"Bronze"+_root.bronze)

and for the scroll, I essentially wanted to click buttons to scroll, rather than a mousewheel scroll.
Solved that by using
orelist.scroll +-=1;}
on my up/down buttons.

My main problem was the “newline”, and the “.scroll”. I had never used either before.

Thanks though!