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Hi, My name is Zack Berenger and I am a professional programmer. I am starting this thread to enlighten people on the website me and my partner (Ben Rush) are in development with. We have spent tons of money and time preparing a website that will be the center of all code! The name is we will offer movie length courses of a TON of programming languages learning from a beginner to advanced. On top of all the blog posts about tech and the forums for an interactive community.

The website is scheduled to go live in a couple months but we have hit a snag in our development. We have run out of money, After putting up $500 of our own money we need a little more. We have started an IndieGoGo campaign in hopes to reach the goal of another $500.

Here is the link:

I hope you can support it and can be so generous as to donate and help the website get to its full potential.
-Zack and Ben