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Hey everyone,
I’m new to these parts and I’m working on developing my first game for Kongregate utilizing Unity3D (aiming to release sometime over the summer). In reading through the API documentation I’ve found that there is no direct API support for user created content for any Unity games. My investigation seems to indicate that this is simply a matter of a service not being provided, not that the usage of custom content in Unity games is prohibited.

I have the basic structure in place on my test server to handle the processing of user-created content and have found that there aren’t any technical reasons that I can’t reference my own server for user content (I’m able to send and receive data without a problem from my game on Kongregate), but wasn’t sure if there was any policy against off-site hosting of custom content (the documentation is somewhat vague on this point).

In short, is there any reason I would be going against policy by utilizing my own server to store and provide user-created content?

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Feel free to do so! There is no policy against using your own servers to store user-created content. (I assume, however, that you’d be responsible for the moderation of said content.)

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Awesome, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. I’m working on the content moderation/management piece right now, but wanted to make sure it was allowed before investing more any more time and energy on that aspect of the game.

Thanks a lot for the response!