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(I am sorry if this is wrong place for this topic, but i believe that best answers would be from game developers – who reside here :)

I am wondering how much would be reasonable price for a game like these:

All art is provided from the customer, animation and programming would be done by me.

I am clueless and all suggestions, also about which rights i attain would be great.

Oh yeah, game would be developed for touch screen PC (win7)


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you can also PM me :)

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As they are, on the lower side of a few hundred (like less than $200). With some polish, maybe up to a thousand, depending on how much sponsors are willing to fork over.

Prices are really hard to estimate, you should not take my numbers as facts or baseline values you are willing to sell for.

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For reference, I scored 39 in the first game you linked and 280 for the second game.

I’m assuming by price for games that you mean how much would be a reasonable price for an app of those games. I’m not quite sure what the app market is like for a touch screen PC. However basing off prices in the Google Play market, I would say for the first app I would charge $1.99 USD and occasionally sell it on sale at $.99 USD. The second app I think has much better graphics and is more ‘kid friendly’ in my opinion. I would say $3.99-4.99 USD for that one.

I should note that in the first game that I could not turn off the sound. It was rather annoying for me since I usually play games without any sounds. Additionally there is no ‘high score’ chart in the second game. I could not find the top 10 rankings at all, it was just blank.

I also think that the first game was much harder than the second game, seeing that my point difference in each game is very different. I found it much easier to score in the second game than I did in the first game. However I actually liked the first game better than the second game. I think if you worked on the graphics of the first game that it would attract more attention.

I hope this helps a bit.