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Theme: Ten Seconds
Voting Ends: 9.9.13 5PM EDT/2PM PST
Contest voting procedure: As voted on in the previous thread, voting will work as followed:

Very important, please read

Voting Rules:
You must vote for a 1st place and a 2nd Place. The 1st place vote will receive 2 points and the 2nd place vote will receive 1 point. The person with the most points will win. Using alts to vote will result in disqualifications. Remember to make it clear who you are voting for. You cannot vote for yourself.

Past and present participants to the GitD may vote without being questioned, but all others may have their votes rejected by the GitD organizer and/or past and present GitD participants if those votes are deemed unfit.

What that means for you, the ones entering the contest:
You will have free reign to enter and vote if you’ve previously entered a contest. However, all newcomers may be scrutinized and have their vote thrown out if it is deemed unfit by other contest participants, and those who have competed prior.

The second place voting rule, was that every person who submits a vote must submit feedback on those votes for them to count. Now, that option didn’t win, but I would personally like to see more people giving detailed feedback on entries. Now, I know it’s not that easy, life happens, you may not have time. I just wanted to throw that out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


elementz123: Frictionless Fury
Reaper_guy: Ultimate Survival Lab
Moocowsgomoo: Bullet Time
SumGato: In Ten Seconds Can You…
Darkscanner & DannyDaNinja: Hungry Dream
BadEgg: No name
kantieno: Guild of Brothers
Shalmezad: Ten Second Dash
Aaants: Jetpack Nemesis
Jugglerrob: Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical
Zoib: ? – Game picture, no link

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Actually, Jugglerob’s link works for me if I change the & with an &
Here it is shortened so the forum doesn’t mess it up:

Frictionless Fury: It’s not a very original idea, and the theme implementation it’s quite standard, but the execution is well done. Polished graphics, sound effects, decent level design…

Ultimate Survival Lab: It’s a good game. It’s a shame that there’s only one map, but it’s still good. Very polished for a GiTD entry.

Bullet Time: Great theme interpretation. The graphics are may too simple for its genre (bullet hells are usually… more colorful), and more bullet types or powerups would have been great, but the game idea is still amazing as is.

Hungry Dream: It looks like it isn’t close to finished. I guess the bar at the top was going to be the ten second part of the game. And sometimes I fall through the blocks.

No name: I reached the third checkpoint and then it looked like I couldn’t continue. I liked the idea, but the current gameplay is too annoying with the sticky walls.

Guild of Brothers: Very polished graphics for a LD game! The concept is neat, and the gameplay is nice. Sometimes it lagged a bit, but I guess that’s because the engine.

10 second dash: Nice platformer. The theme implementation is not really original, but I like the level design. What I find annoying is that the keys does not register as pressed when you change levels.

Jetpack nemesis: Good game. I like how it wasn’t 10 literal seconds, and you could recharge the jetpack and move away of the nemesis.

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical: Good game, I liked the idea. The only flaw I see is that you should be able to jump with W. A-D-SPACE isn’t very comfortable.

And my votes go for:
First place – 2 points: Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical, by Jugglerob.
Second place – 1 point: Ultimate Survival Lab, by Reaper_guy

And I have to say that Frictionless Fury, Bullet Time and Guild of Brothers were close. In general, the entries of this GiTD have a great quality. Good job everyone.

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Ultimate Survival Lab: Awesome design and very nicely polished. The procedural random increase in difficulty makes it quite fun to keep playing until you die. A fastforward button would be nice for the earlier stages especially.

Bullet Time: Very good idea/use of theme, though the graphics make it a bit hard to dodge
the bullets and there isn’t any upgrades or powerups or sound. I can imagine this being a very
fun game if it had polished graphics/audio and upgrades and/or powerups.

In Ten Seconds Can You..: Nice use of theme. It is pretty simple, but it is fun to see if I can beat the levels. The first level while easy, is kind of annoying to have to click really fast. Having more than 1 life and having levels with more interesting things to do would be nice.

Hungry Dream: Pretty decent graphics. Funny that you can do a handstand. Other than that there isn’t much else to do.

BadEggs’s game(No Name): Nice looking wall textures. Between getting stuck on walls and the square bouncing all the time, I can’t even get close to the first checkpoint.

Guild of Brothers: Very nice graphics and menu/UI. This is quite innovative and fits the theme good. The upgrades help make it worth keep playing. It would be nice if it had sound. Also it was a little laggy at times, but nothing that hurt the gameplay.

Ten Second Dash: Good level design and decent graphics. I would have liked more levels and it feels like the framerate is set too low.

Jetpack Nemesis: Awesome audio and very nicely polished game that makes it feel very immersive. It is quite fun but kind of repetitive. I can also imagine this being a very fun game with some sort of upgrades or powerups etc.

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical: Very immersive feel with the audio/graphics. Great use of the theme and quite innovative. In some levels(the red ones especially) it is hard to see where to go.

1st Place(2pts): Guild of Brothers
2nd Place(1pt): Ultimate Survival Lab

A lot of these games where nicely polished, but ultimately I had to decide my votes on the games which kept me playing the longest because of how fun they are. It was very fun playing everyone’s games, really great job everyone!

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Frictionless Fury: I think I said this last time we had a frictionless game, but I’m horrible at them. Granted, I’m the same person who keeps their foot on the gas until I’m a couple yards from a red light. Still, good concept, decent game, needs more friction. 4/5

Ultilmate Survival Lab: Slow to start, but fun. I can see this becoming a top quality game. 4/5

Bullet time: Concept seemed good at the start, but in practice it was a little strange. 3/5

In Ten Seconds Can You…: Excellent concept, good in practice. Just needs polish and music. 4/5

Hungry Dream: Needs more mute buttons. Especially since the blocks aren’t doing their jobs. 2/5 (cause art is amazing)

No name (badegg): Everyone else pretty much said it: The walls are velcro. My guess is you’re doing pixel perfect collision. Might I recommend using a second graphic as a mask? (and take a paintbrush to the edges). However, the concept is excellent. 3/5

Guild of Brothers: Ask anyone from GDR, and you’ll find I hate stencylworks. This is the first (and hopefully only) stencylworks game that I’ve enjoyed. 4/5

Ten second dash: Open source, but programmed in windows: -1/5

Jetpack Nemesis: 5/5, take my money.

Just another game with a ten second mechanical: Good game. 5/5

Zoib: Aww…. I was looking forward to another zoib game.

Honestly, this was a tricky one to vote. However:
1st) Jetpack Nemesis
2nd) Just another game with a ten second mechanical

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Elementz123 – Yo, I think you forgot the friction. I liked the game; simple and nice.
Reaper_Guy – Awesome idea, it’s been done before though, hasn’t it? Gravity was a nice idea but overall it felt pretty slow and the character’s gravity felt sluggish. I feel like it would be a lot cooler if it was fast-paced, but that’s only my opinion.
Moocowsgomoo – The concept is really good but I found myself using the time alterations just killing me faster than if I wasn’t using them at all.
DannyDaNinja/Darkscanner – The collision :( Graphics were nice though.
BadEgg – The collision :( Could barely get up the first 2 platforms.
Kantieno – Bright, colourful and enjoyable which is nice but I don’t think it matched the 10 second theme well enough for a vote from me.
Shalmezad – Not greatly original but still pretty cool. Didn’t like the input pauses whenever you get to a new stage though. Probably fixable with stage.focus = null on map load.
Jetpack Nemesis – Love the style and music. <3 Cool game, fit the theme well and was enjoyable too.
Jugglerrob – Unity, sorry. Just wiped my hdd recently and can’t be bothered reinstalling the plugin right now.
SumGato – I’m personally a huge fan of the warioware series so I automatically liked the game. :p Unfortunately I found the following games more worth-while for the vote. :( It was a hard decision though.

1. Jetpack Nemesis
2. Reaper_Guy

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Frictionless Fury
Simple concept, executed well enough. A little bland, but since there weren’t a lot of levels, it was ok.

Ultimate Survival Lab
Jetpack doesn’t lift off if you’re standing on the floor (you have to jump before it will work, otherwise it just blasts away, wasting fuel, but not going anywhere). When in the air from jetpack use and jetpack is stopped, player can jump once in mid-air. Slow time will often freeze everything (including player) until released. Please allow arrow key usage.
Slow to start, but not too bad. The gravity changes were frustrating, but a good proverbial monkey wrench. Good gameplay with a few kinks that need to be worked out.

Bullet Time
Tested the time shift mechanic, then spent the rest of the time avoiding bullets without it (not very well). Didn’t hold my attention for very long. There’s a reason why bullet hells have you go through a bunch of smaller, weaker, prolific and diverse enemies prior to the big, too-long-too-kill, bullet-spamming boss (there is a game or two that defies this, I know): the boss gets dull really fast (unless it changes up every now and then, which delays the effect). Even if the boss constantly changed, always giving a new attack/strategy/eyecandy/whatever, there is a fatigue factor in fighting an enemy that is constantly pummelled to no visible effect (the masses of smaller enemies provide a sense of actually accomplishing something, even though, technically, it is the same thing (as the masses keep coming)).
Admittedly, though, bullet hells aren’t my genre of choice…

In Ten Seconds Can You…
Nice mini-game set. Killing the moving triangles and picking up coins feels a bit hit-or-miss (inaccurate), though not enough to be a huge issue, and I would’ve preferred multiple choice or value sliders or something for the math questions rather than typing.

Hungry Dream
Where does 10 Seconds fit? Is there anything after collecting the pills? Falling off the screen results in an endless loop of falling (since player is reset just BELOW the platforms (though if one is patient and moves around, there is a platform that you can “land” on)).

No name
I think that even without resetting every 10 seconds the extreme challenge of trying to get up the first corridor would be frustrating enough. Can’t really comment on anything past that, because… well, I couldn’t get past that (I did finally get up the corridor, but was reset immediately after). Upward passive platforms or a smaller player character (or wider corridor), please.

Guild of Brothers
Decent platformer/fighting game. Some keyboard response issues (as Stencyl and AS2 are wont to have). I would’ve preferred a bit more diversity with the characters (instead of two shooters and two sword fighters, maybe have one that kills/damages by jumping on the enemy (Mario-style) and one that maybe does a short-range warp-through attack (invulnerable while warping)). The characters each had their own element, from what I could see, and I imagine it affects who does the best damage to what (or takes the most damage from what), though I’m not certain. Haven’t gone far enough to upgrade yet.

@Feffers: How does changing characters every 10 seconds fit the theme any less than “do X in 10 seconds”? Granted, that mechanic didn’t fit the game too well, but I don’t see how it doesn’t fit the theme.
(As an aside, I was going to do a game where the player is a seppuku second (kaishakunin) that has to perform his services ten times.)

Ten Second Dash
OK, though not spectacular. I, like most others, want the keyboard input to not reset when changing screens. Finally got past the 2nd spike room, and through to the end in one go from there. Could use a bit more variety.

Jetpack Nemesis
Looks good and responds well (though getting stuck in a crag when using the jetpack is a common frustration). Some pickups or something would be nice (temp. speed boost, shield charge (for destroying/ignoring those launched thingies), ???), especially since there doesn’t appear to be a way to gain ground once it is lost.

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical
Long Unity load and sluggish, for what would have been quick and responsive (or possibly not) in Flash. Other than that, it was an interesting visual representation/implementation of the “switch worlds” genre. I’ve no idea what possessed you to make the spacebar be jump, when the up arrow key and “W” are begging, pleading, and otherwise abasing themselves to be the jump key. “Please, Jugglerrob, please! For all that is goodbar and keyholy, make us jump!” Seems a far too common masochism by game programmers…

1st Ultimate Survival Lab
2nd In Ten Seconds Can You… (though I was torn between this and Jetpack Nemesis, the variety of things to do in this one won out)

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Due to the disappointingly low number of votes, the voting period may be extended until after the weekend, stay tuned.

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Frictionless Fury: Beat it twice, second time without losing a life and having 27 seconds left. Basic idea, well made; the alternate paths and overall level design were nice. Deaths and victories showing something would be nice, rather than just a noise and the next level instantly, but that’s just polish stuff.

Ultimate Survival Lab: Played it once until death. Jumping was strange and the character is a tad slidy, but it’s a good idea and nicely designed. The score screen is somewhat broken, though.

Bullet Time: Played it through a couple boss changes, past where it’s solid diagonal lines of red and blue. I seem to do just as well rubbing myself up against the boss and shooting constantly into it as I do trying to dodge bullets all the time from the bottom of the screen; that’s not really a testament to the game being balanced wrong, that’s just a testament to how bad I am at these kinds of games.

In Ten Seconds Can You…: Beat it on medium. Needs more things, and the one with the coins and the spikes is instantly lost if your mouse is hovering in the wrong place. But, the other games there are good and a nice variety.

Hungry Dream: Stood on some platforms, sometimes did not stand on some platforms. Seems pretty incomplete.

BadEgg’s: Couldn’t make it to the first checkpoint, though I did get close. The walls need to be flatter D:

Guild of Brothers: Beat the boss once. I’m not sure the theme improved this game; switching between brothers at will or when one dies seems like it would be a lot better! Was fun, though.

Ten Second Dash: Made it to some spikes on a hill. The side of the spikes killed me, that dastardly deadly metal! Restarting from the start on every death was pretty annoying. I also wish you could do small jumps, given that it’s a game about trying to get to the end as fast as possible.

Jetpack Nemesis: Only made it 500m or so. Gravity seems really high, though that might just be a design choice to make you use your jetpack. Other than that, it’s a well-polished game, though not original with it being very similar to Dino Run.

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanic: Made it through some levels, got stuck at the checkerboard one. Very pretty and a good idea! Really wish W was jump, though.

And with that… they’re all really good! Nice job, everyone. I think the lack of votes might be due to how close this is.
First – Ultimate Survival Lab by Reaper_Guy
Second – Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanic by Jugglerrob

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Sorry meant to vote but I haven’t had time to review.

Frictionless Fury: A good interpretation of the theme, and about the right level of difficulty I think. Enough polish to make it a playable game and not obviously a quick half finished project.

Ultimate Survival Lab: Well executed and good use of the 10 second mechanic. I find it quite boring though and give up playing after a couple of minutes. Is there only one level?

Bullet Time: I don’t really like this type of game so it’s difficult to give it a fair shake. Inventive use of the theme and seems to be well made, though it could use more variety and a gentler lead in to the boss – if you’re not a bullet hell player it’s not really a playable level.

In Ten Seconds …: Possibly a good idea in here trying to get out, along the lines of Four Second Fury (remember that?). But you haven’t managed to make it yet; in particular having to replay all the levels to get back to the one you failed is annoying. Could be worth pursuing though.

Hungry Dream: Seems like it’s not finished enough to really play, I don’t know what the mechanic or game objectives are.

No name: obviously unfinished and sticky walls make it impossible to control. I guess it’s supposed to be a maze game but I can’t get far enough to really see what the 10 seconds is about.

Guild of Brothers: I really like this one, although I can’t complete it in a couple of attempts; maybe it’s too easy to take damage when attacking? Or it’s too hard to get feedback that you’re taking damage? Good use of the theme.

Ten Second Dash: Not bad. I think you need some kind of lives or save points system, once you start having screens where you can die easily it is just irritating to go back to the start. The movement feels really sluggish too.

Jetpack Nemesis: A good start to a great game. Unfortunately because of the time limit there’s no powerups, progression, variety to terrain or feeling of purpose.

Just Another Game: Seems like a really good game but it’s so laggy/low frame rate I really can’t play it, particularly as the controls seem to be very sensitive. I’m not sure if that’s Unity’s fault or something to do with all the tiles. Up/W should definitely be jump too.

First: Guild of Brothers
Second: Jetpack Nemesis

Generally a comment on this competition: some really good entries came out of combining it with LD. I don’t think the theme was very good for GitD though, we’ve got a lot of similar survival games. Good work everyone, don’t think I’d have won this one if I’d entered!

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The voting period is being extended until the same time on Monday

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In case anybody cares, you can rewind time in Danny and I’s thing with shift.

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Originally posted by Darkscanner:

In case anybody cares, you can rewind time in Danny and I’s thing with shift.

That ought to buy us more votes

Also my vote:
1. BadEgg – Excellent game, I hope you continue on this, good concept
2. Moocowsgomoo – I just thought this was great really. good theme but try to polish the game

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Here’s some awards that should be passable as reviews.

Controls Award
Nom – Jetpack Nemesis: for providing a functional jetpack that flows smoothly with the unaided movement.
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for utilising common hand positions on arrow keys and wasd.
Winner – Frictionless Fury: for smooth acceleration and deceleration, allowing you to skilfully navigate at your own pace.

Out Of Controls Award
Nom – In Ten Seconds Can You..: for different games requiring different controls.
Nom – Ultimate Survival Lab: for the discrepancy in direction travelled with or without a jetpack during gravity shifts.
Winner – Just Another Game With A 10 Second Mechanic: for a questionable choice of a jump key.

Replayability Award
Nom – Bullet Time: for great potential to improve your skills and do better next time.
Nom – Hungry Dream: for making you want to play again to find out if you missed something (you didn’t).
Winner – Ultimate Survival Lab: for randomness in gameplay progression and open-endedness.

Forced Replayability Award
Nom – No Name: for getting stuck in the same places time and time again.
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for the same selection of enemies in each level and for ‘continuing’ the game closely resembling restarting it.
Winner – Jetpack Nemesis: for replaying the same few areas over and over.

Good Looking Award
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for some cute blobs in a pleasant scenic environment.
Nom – Ultimate Survival Lab: for flaming shuttlecocks, spikes that can realistically hurt you from the side and notifications that are prominent without being over-bearing.
Winner – Jetpack Nemesis: for strong foregrounds, soft backgrounds, creepy bad guys and effective use of a limited colour palette in creating an overall atmosphere.

Good ‘Personality’ Award
Nom – Just Another Game With A 10 Second Mechanic: for brightly coloured, changing squares in multiple layers, where being able to see what’s going on is so important.
Nom – Ten Second Dash: for basic blocks and triangles in an already basic platformer.
Winner – Bullet Time: for triangles battling each other with circles on a black background; yet appropriate for a genre where having no distractions is a huge benefit.

Difficulty Curve Award
Nom – Frictionless Fury: for a progression of levels with narrowing corridors and tighter turns.
Nom – In Ten Seconds Can You…: for integrating different difficulty settings reasonably well.
Winner – Ultimate Survival Lab: for getting gradually harder as you go along, albeit too gradually.

Difficulty Non-curve Award
Nom – Jetpack Nemesis: for not getting any harder, when it isn’t that hard to begin with.
Nom – In Ten Seconds Can You…: for a mishmash of unconnected levels, some harder than others.
Winner – Guild of Brothers: for promising to get harder with each victory, but providing no discernible differences other than a threat level counter.

Creative Theme Use Award
Nom – Bullet Time: for a 2-directional meter of ten seconds worth of abilities.
Nom – Jetpack Nemesis: for ten seconds of lead time and ten seconds of jetpack time.
Winner – Guild of Brothers: for shifts in gameplay every ten seconds.

Speed Award
Nom – Hungry Dream: for moving too slowly.
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for moving too quickly.
Winner – Frictionless Fury: for moving just right.

The Game That Would Be Most Improved By More Variety Award
Nom – Bullet Time: for fighting in just three phases of a single boss.
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for having four characters with only two forms of attack and fairly small differences in movement styles that are relatively insignificant in the levels presented.
Winner – Jetpack Nemesis: for the small number of playing areas and the solitary enemy type.

The Game That Would Have Been Better With Less Than Ten Seconds Award
Nom – Jetpack Nemesis: for having more than enough time to overcome any obstacle with the jetpack and for not being close enough to the nemesis to feel a sense of urgency.
Nom – Ultimate Survival Lab: for being forced to wait a long time for the really fun part.
Winner – Guild of Brothers: for not being as chaotic and exciting as it would have.

The Game That Would Have Been Better With More Than Ten Seconds Award
Nom – No Name: for some leniency with the unforgiving walls.
Nom – Ten Second Dash: for the potential to have more difficult levels.
Winner – Just Another Game With A 10 Second Mechanic: for more of a focus on puzzle platforming than pixel perfect action platforming.

Title Award
Nom – Just Another Game With A 10 Second Mechanic: for excessive length; not that I’m bitter about typing it out every time.
Nom – Frictionless Fury: for an alliterative and applicable … appellation.
Winner – No Name: for beautifully capturing a sense of hopelessness and the sacrifices we make, abandoning who we are when confronted by seemingly impossible challenges.

Jetpack Award
Nom – Ultimate Survival Lab: for providing double jumping and a jetpack, then sticking lasers in the way.
Nom – No Name: for making me wish I had a jetpack after the third checkpoint.
Winner – Jetpack Nemesis: for its use as a smooth, well-integrated, theme relevant mechanic.

Irony Award
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for its lack of friction giving me more fury than Frictionless Fury.
Nom – Ultimate Survival Lab: for ultimately killing you.
Winner – Hungry Dream: for the character falling asleep after ten seconds.

My Votes Award
Nom – Bullet Time: for being considered, but not receiving my votes.
Nom – Guild of Brothers: for getting 1 vote from me.
Winner – Ultimate Survival Lab: for getting 2 votes from me.

*Note – it’s not always an honour just to be nominated.

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1. BadEgg – I really liked the style, you could complete/extend on this perphaps
2. Moocowsgomoo – It looks like you put some great effort into this, and i liked it a lot.

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1 – Badegg – good gameplay, decent but incomplete art but overall its good
2 – Darkscanner & Danny – good art, also bending time is cool

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Frictionless Fury by elementz123: Interesting game. It reminds me of those games where you try to move a loop along a wire without touching any part of the wire. The game is fun at first, but it doesn’t sustain my interest for long.

Ultimate Survival Lab by Reaper_guy: This game seriously needs a preloader. Those who are patient and trust that the game is actually loading will eventually be able to play. You only get to play one level until your avatar dies, at which point you may try the level again or return to the main menu. It looks like several scenarios were planned for this game, but it seems that only one scenario is actually available to play. Initially, your challenge is to dodge rockets, spiked balls, and lasers. Later, the laws of gravity change disconcertingly, subjecting you to a major case of disorientation, which I don’t particularly like. The challenge is to survive as long as you can, which isn’t particularly engaging without a goal to strive for. I suggest having two separate modes of play: a survival mode, which is basically the current game as it stands, and a timed mode, where the objective is to survive for a set number of minutes, after which the player moves on to the next level. I also suggest adding an option to choose between WASD movement and arrow keys for movement or to allow both movement schemes.

Bullet Time by Moocowsgomoo: The game’s instructions forget to mention that you can use your mouse to move your avatar, an oversight that caused me some initial confusion. The way time control works in this game is also confusing at first, but I soon got the hang of it. I couldn’t get past the sheer number of bullets in this game though. There seem to be far more of them than what I’m used to in the bullet hell games I’ve played, and the bullets are big as hell. (That’s not why they call it bullet hell, is it?) They also move faster, which is understandable, given that this game is about time control. I’m not really much of a player of bullet hell games, so I feel that the sheer number of bullets in this game was just overwhelming.

In ten seconds can you…? by Sumgato: This is a nice casual game that can probably be turned into a mobile app with the help of a good artist and some catchy music. I like it. It reminds me of the iDevice game Dumb Ways to Die.

Hungry Dream by Darkscanner & DannyDaNinja: There are no instructions for this game, although one can figure out that the WASD and arrow keys work. This game is a platformer where you can’t see the next platform to jump onto. Not a good design, in my opinion. I hate having to take a “leap of faith” in platformers because I’m likely to jump into trouble. I eventually found my avatar falling endlessly with no way to advance the game beyond this state. I’m not even sure what the objective of the game is supposed to be or how the game is related to the GitD theme. On a positive note, the handstand is cute.

No name by BadEgg: This is another game that needs a preloader and explicit instructions. Like the other GitD entries that lack instructions, WASD and/or arrow keys work in this game. Unfortunately, the player’s patience is rewarded with a game that requires wrestling with the interface. The controls are not only slippery but sticky as well. It seems that if you don’t navigate the maze in ten seconds, you have to start over from the entry point. It didn’t take me long to give up entirely.

Guild of Brothers by kantieno: This is an interesting action platformer where the avatar changes every ten seconds. I don’t know why the game does that other than to fulfill the theme of LD/GitD. I would have preferred it if the player could choose which avatar to control like in Trine. It probably would have made for a better game that way, although the connection to the theme would have been lost.

Ten Second Dash by Shalmezad: In this platformer, the player has to dash to the exit across each level in ten seconds or less. The game ends when you fail to reach an exit within ten seconds. The concept is similar to BadEgg’s entry, but the controls in this game are mostly a joy to use, although I find the jumps too slow for my taste.

Jetpack Nemesis by Aaants: This is an endless runner game with the addition of a jetpack. Again, there are no instructions on how to play the game. I’m beginning to think that a sub-theme of this contest is No Instructions. WASD and arrow keys work, but it takes some experimenting to find out that the space bar activates the jet pack. Not a bad game, although the way it stands now, it can’t sustain my interest for very long. The addition of a shop to buy upgrades may enhance replayability.

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical by Jugglerrob: I was initially confused with this platformer, but I did manage to figure it out with a bit of patience. The concept is actually very interesting, but I feel that the execution needs some work. I’m not keen on all the changing psychedelic colors as I found them very distracting. Even more distracting was the fact that the area around my avatar made the second world visible, not the default first world. You only have a total of ten cumulative seconds to stay in the second world. Coupled with level designs that require split second timing and an awful choice of jump key, I found myself giving up on this game pretty fast.

We have a very fine set of entries this time around, and it’s difficult for me to choose among them, but choose, I must. I vote for:

First Place: In ten seconds can you…? by Sumgato
Second Place: Ten Second Dash by Shalmezad

Honorable Mention (in order of MossyStump’s listing):

  • Ultimate Survival Lab by Reaper_guy
  • Guild of Brothers by kantieno
  • Jetpack Nemesis by Aaants
  • Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical by Jugglerrob
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Originally posted by Elyzius:

It reminds me of the iDevice game Dumb Ways to Die.

Whoa, I had no idea there was a game. :O

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The voting period will end later this afternoon, in (approximately) five hours.

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Frictionless Fury:
+ Time carrying over between levels was a neat idea
+ Levels were well-designed, especially the alternate paths
+ Felt like a self-contained, complete game
- Maybe a bit too generous with time
Overall, very well done; this was a lot of fun to play.
Ultimate Survival Lab:
+ Interesting, varied gameplay
+ Progressive difficulty kept things going
+ Seriously polished for a 10-day game
- Dissonance between on-ground & jetpack controls once gravity flips
- No arrow key support?
Very nice game, with quite a variety of obstacles. More levels and an objective would be good though.
In Ten Seconds Can You…:
+ Good polish & graphics
+ Most of the minigames were fun & fair
+ Minigames were actually varied
- Certain things felt cheap or unbalanced
I really have nothing new to tell you to fix here, just the bugs other people mentioned. Nice job overall!
Hungry Dream:
+ Art & animation looks great
- Ten seconds???
- Respawn is below the platforms…
Looks like a great start to a game, but still clearly needs a lot of work. +1 for having a rewind ability that actually makes sense without confusing everyone (hehe…what, my game?)
No name:
+ Sticky walls are a neat concept
- Make player actions have consistent results (walljumping mainly)
- 10 seconds is a really strict respawn time here
This was actually a lot of fun despite the inconsistent controls. Maybe I just missed it, but there needs to be a key to respawn and reset the timer instead of just waiting it out when you screw up.
Guild of Brothers:
+ Really fun & well-made platformer
+ Each character felt (relatively) unique
- 10-second switching felt forced/annoying
While it was a pretty unique theme interpretation, I can’t help but feel the game would be better with some other switching mechanism (on hit/player choice/on special move), as it feels kind of awkward right now.
Ten Second Dash:
+ Polished & clear
+ Controls feel amazing
- Really slow for this type of game
- No second chances
I really hate restarting from the beginning… Maybe make failures deduct from your total score or something instead?
Jetpack Nemesis:
+ Feels very professional and well-made
+ Nice use of the 10-second mechanic
- Gets repetitive pretty quickly
With more areas, more variety, and maybe a goal to work towards, this is basically a finished game. Nice job!
Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical:
+ Polished, lots of cool visual effects
+ Nice world swap mechanic
- Visual effects, while cool, are sometimes distracting
- Up/W to jump please…
Nice idea overall, the design is a bit confusing but it’s fun once you figure it out.

1st (2 pts.): Frictionless Fury
2nd (1 pt.): Jetpack Nemesis

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Frictionless Fury: It’s well done, with nice graphics and sounds, but it is already boring after the first few levels. You should add some more objects with wich to interact (moving obstacles, portals to teleport, etc.) to make it more interesting.

Bullet Time: I really like the concept of this one, very original, with some levels and upgrades it could easily become a very good game. One my low resolution pc i found it quite easy, but on my macbook pro everything was so small that i often confused my player with the rest of the bullets. Maybe change your player to a different color or a different shape. Otherwise, really nice entry!

In Ten Seconds Can You… : Really nice ten second frenzy game! Add different game modes (like the four second frenzy games) and more minigames, and it could become really nice. Also provide some more instructions, maybe it was just me, but on the coins collecting one i tought that i had to collect the coins with the spike, so i died immediately.

Hungry Dream: Nice art, but since it isn’t finished and there isn’t any point yet, i can’t really play it. The rewind time effect was really nicely made, tough.

No Name: So, after half an hour of tries i finally managed to get to the second – third checkpoint, hoping to find something… The game currently is very frustrating and quite boring, but by fixing the collision checking with the walls and adding some other stuff to do, it could become quite nice.

Guild of Brothers: Very nice platformer with good graphics and a good concept. My compliants are that the meele and range brothers are too similiar, you have to continuosly spam the attack button and it isn’t really clear what the upgrades do(Health increased by 1, what is 1?).

Ten Second Dash: Nice plaformer, like others said the jump felt odd and the key presses didn’t stay when the map changed. Apart from that, it was fun, and I really wanted to finish it if i just didn’t die twice at the spike level and had to start over, so add some checkpoints to make it less frustrating.

Jetpack Nemesis: Very nice graphics with a really good choice of colors, and also the gameplay was quite good. Only thing it gets quite boring pretty soon, but with some powerups and upgrades it would make a really nice endless runner(also a really nice phone app since the controls are so simple).

Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical: The concept and execution are really good, also the graphics are nice, only problem i had with them was when they changed wich made everything extremely confusing. The spacebar jump was an odd choice and quite irritating.

And here are my votes:

First: Jetpack Nemesis by Aants
Second: Bullet Time by Moocowsgomoo

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Short version, don’t want to miss both the GiTD deadline and the voting deadline ;)
elementz123: Nice game, I never felt bored or unchallenged. More levels would be cool and maybe sub out the red text for something friendlier but no big issues
Reaper_guy: Probably my favourite – certainly kept me playing for the longest at least. The physics are a bit odd and the flipped controls when the grav changes confused me a little but they’re minor grievances. Great work.
Moocowsgomoo: I think it’s too early to tell with this one. It’ll probably be great eventually but I couldn’t really make the time manipulation work in my favour.
SumGato: Similar opinion to Frictionless Fury, minus the red text part. A bit of polish and more levels it’ll do well I think.
Darkscanner & DannyDaNinja: I think I got to the end (top of the blue beam?) but I’m not sure. I can’t really make a fair call as I think I’m missing something. Looked nice though!
BadEgg: I really missed something with the one – I couldn’t get anywhere :(
kantieno: Cool idea, reminded me of old school Ninja Turtles but the infinite wall jump and waiting around for recharges means it was just pipped by some of the others.
Shalmezad: Cool, managed to finish it after a few tries. Having the key presses persist between levels would be nice. Other than that, more levels and graphics (said that a few times now) and you’re golden!
Aaants: Terrible, 5/5
Jugglerrob: I definitely liked the look of it but the gameplay didn’t keep me as long as Survival lab (it actually seemed to lag on my computer, which has pretty much never happened with a web game). Top graphics points for this GiTD though – and it got some nice star ratings from me on the LD site ;)

2 points: Reaper_guy.
1 point (3 way tie?!): Jugglerrob, as I have to pick one.

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GitD #35 voting period has now (officially) ended.

(Times will probably always be off for “official” endings due to my schedule with college + work. If I haven’t posted it’s ended, and it’s past the time, don’t worry about it)

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Congratulations Reaper_Guy for coming in first place with Ultimate Survival Lab
and Aaants for coming in second with Jetpack Nemesis

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Kongratulations! ^^