Learning AS2, need help

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Hi, so I just made the switch from HTML5 to AS2.
I decided first to make a game like pong, but my code doesnt seem to work.

Here’s the code:
onEnterFrame = function(){

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If you’re going to switch, It would be better to go directly to AS3.
As of your code, you’re not doing anything at all in “mcPaddle._mouseX;”. Probably something similar to “mcPaddle.x = this._mouseX” would work. However, AS3 is definitely better if you’re just switching.

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I’m trying to make it so the paddle will follow the mouse on the X axis

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switch to as3 it’s much easier.
anyway if its as2 the mouse is mouse.x not mouseX because mouseX is in as3.

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Originally posted by agecaf:

go directly to AS3.


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Interesting note: At approximately the same time as the opening post, he posted this on his game:

Development for this version has been closed. Remaking in AS3 instead of HTML.

Anyway, yeah, if you’re already planning switch to AS3, just save yourself the headache and skip AS2 entirely.