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Do you know I suffer creating flash games it would be great if there would be a Chat room for developers or such a thing in which developers can help and talk and do other things with other developers

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Kind like GDR?

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I’ve been having problems accessing GDR for at least a month.
And when I did get in there before there really wasnt much going on.

Anything else?

Flag Post has a decent chatroom but it can be as dead as GDR can. But FGL’s one and GDR are the only two major ones I know of.

Flag Post this IRC channel always has people in it, who tend to be very helpful or at least discuss interesting stuff is quite a helpful website if you want to keep a project secret but still keep some people up to date on your progress, it also has an IRC which is somewhat active but gets lots of silence at times :P

then you have twitter which I know it’s not a chat room but I believe the major and most interesting talks are done here. Check out the people I follow here they are mostly indie game devs, gaming journalists or entertainers linked to this scene.

Some interesting people I recommend to follow on twitter, which nearly always reply to any conversation you may attempt to start with them: Music composer for the ex-microsoft engineer, worked on multiple AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed 2 the only TRUE gaming journalist imo this journalist will gladly throw in an amazing article about your games if they’re good enough randomly throws in articles from their website (sometimes others) with nice explanations of “How to” you should all know Aaants the great Sensei :P this guy is the indie master ready to any attempt to bring positivity and brainstorming in all subjects

I’ll add in a few more later if anyone is interested.

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Wow twitter actually being used for good and the benefit of others.
That’s very impressive and i think ill start using that app on my phone for that.

What would you reccomend for someone who needs their project reviewed?
Im trying to create my own version of openBOR; it would be nice to see if
a)the engine will work though its still WIP and hasnt been tested
b)there is anyone that wants to join in the dev, the end result is open source.