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A) I red that you can only upload .swf or Unity file, then I red here : , that you support also Java file and here is my question, when I’ll develop game in Java ,
which files do you need (all classes / JAR file … )
..otherwise I’ll learn Unity :)

B) When you need some images for your game you draw it yourself,
or there is some great site where you can download and share
(game gis/images/backgrounds/…) ?

C)And what about rights when you want to do some game based on famous story,
for example Star Wars game, LOTR game, something like WoW(I mean world…),
can I use music, names, stories and so…

Thank you for your time , I’m looking forward to hearing from you ! :)

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A) You do realise that the classes are compiled?
In general, you never give away your source files.

B) There’s a thread on the first page of this forum.

C) It’s called copyright.