Important note about uploading HTML5 games

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We have heard from a few developers about issues with updating HMTL5 games; specifically, developers not seeing the new versions of files after the normal amount of time (about 15 minutes) it takes for the server cache to clear.

Here is a tip to help prevent this problem:

When uploading a zip archive of additional files for your HTML5 game, make sure you are compressing sets of loose files rather than a folder or directory.

When a zipped folder of files is uploaded to our server and unzipped, a subdirectory is created for the folder’s contents, changing the relative paths of those files. For instance, instead of seeing a file at

uploading a new version in a zipped folder named New_Game_File_Folder0001 would give it the filepath

This can result in game files not appearing to be updated unless the filepaths in the game itself were changed. To avoid having to do this every time a game is updated, and to avoid versioning problems in general, zip archives of loose files so that new versions will replace older ones in the proper locations in your game directory.

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This solved my problem. Thank you.

I don’t know what they are doing but if I’m testing something on their upload system and then make it live…

it should use the files from the test system.

Wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what is going on.

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is here someone who could explain me this article in german?

And another question: Could it be possible to delete old additional files in future? That would be great.

Greetz from Germany

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I am having trouble even getting preview to update. I take all my files except the index.html and zip them together. They are scattered on desktop when i select them to be zipped( it wasn’t clear on what “When uploading a zip archive of additional files for your HTML5 game, make sure you are compressing sets of loose files rather than a folder or directory.” meant to me). I then just follow along like i did when uploading the game the first time. Preview game shows the old version and has for days now even after multiple new version attempts. I’ve cleared cache over and over and i’m about to go crazy trying to get this to work. Using Construct 2 and Game name is Wealthy. New version I am trying to get loaded is V1.0.1

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That’s the same problem I have.

I tried a lot of ways: just saving als zip without compression, with folders, without folders, with same zip-archiv-name, with different names … nothing worked.
The preview has allways the same old additional files I uploaded at the first time.

I would really could update games and build my old ones in HTML5, but that way it does not make me feel happy. :(

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i really don’t get it… I tried a lot of things and now it seems that the files can’t reach the images. People are complaining but i can’t fix it.

even tried what MePlayItOnline said, without succes