I am Organizing a flash project team

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Ok, here’s the deal, I’m good at coming up with Ideas and bad with everthing else.

Ok, here’s the idea. If you steal this Jesus, Mohamed, Allah, and the Jewish god, (Also Mohandis Gandhi , Buddha, and The Dahlia Lama [sp?] ) Will kick your (Insert Swear relating to buttocks here) !!----
Date: 2125
Location: Earth
Scenario: The world has erupted into a world war. Thankfully not a nuclear one. (The UN used hostility and disarmed all nuclear materials by force, when needed) There are two Alliances in this war. THE ALLIES: The Democratic Republic of The Americas (N&S America), The European Union (All of Europe except for the former soviet union, also controls Israel, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.), The Molderainian Republic (A Yakuza Mafia funded rebellion against the Pacific Rim forces, they control manmade Islands, Tokyo, and Kyoto), and the very peacful, yet powerful Unified African Republic. THE AXIS: The Greater Soviet Empire (The Former Soviet union, plus Alaska, Mongolia, and the middle east, except for Israel), and the Pacific Rim Forces (A ruthless organization consisting of the greatly populated China, India, the pacific Isles, and the fringes of the west coast of the americas.)
The Others: To be seen

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I’ll give more information, once someone agrees to join in.

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Not a bad idea but how do you imagine the gameplay, you could do anything with this storyline.

And please give more info im not going to join a project without knowing what im saying yes to.

PS:it is flash right?
PSS:Im a programmer

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Yes, it would be good to let people know what the gameplay is going to be like, what type/genre of game it will be (turn-based, rts, etc.), basically give some more information for those who may be interested.

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I am thinking it COULD be flash, but eventually I'd like to make a more complex game, such as a console game, or something. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Genre:* Third Person, will come out in "episodes" *Size:* The Game will come out in missions, so it will probably be around 2.5mb to 5mb per "episode" *Positions needed to be filled:* (Things that I could do for certain periods will have a ~ after them) *->Voice Actor(s)* ~(Also when my voice is recorded it is much higher than in real life) *->Producer* ~ (If I can get my parents concent, I may also be able to get a copy right for it.) *->Animator* (Create the animation for the game, and the cutscenes.) *->Co-writer* ~ (The Story, script, etc.) *->Concept Art* (character, vehicle, landscape, and architectural design for better in-game experience) *->Programmer* (Do the actionscript, and maybe eventually JAVA. but that is down the road.) *->Distributor* ~ (Submit it to websites) *->Advertising* (Get people pumped up about it!) *Likely Length of working on project:* About 2 to 3 months per episode, depending on the amout of work done, and how many people work on it.
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Character Bios:
Access to information denied, join first. (The reason for this is because I don’t want to be screwed by people because I don’t have a copyright yet.

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Im currently working on a game wich is almost done after that i could help you out with the AS.

some extra questions:

open or closed source(i say open since you will need a lot of help programming this)

Does Third person means 3D?

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Possible…. You know the Electronic Arts game Freedom Fighters? That’s a third person shooter. Now I’m not absolutely sure if this game will be JAVA or if it will be flash. i think it will be 3D flash first, and then later once we get a bigger budget maybe a larger JAVA game, or maybe even a more complex programming, but to answer your question, yes it will be in three dimensions.

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then flash is going to be hard.

3D in flash is heavily limited.

now you have 3 possibilities for the web

flash but the 3D is slightly worse then shockwave(unless you make it cartoony that will work properly)

shockwave(just 50% of internet enabled PC’s has shockwave)

java(difficult and 3D isnt that great in JAVA)


a link to currently the best flash 3D engine


and a game made with that engine


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I’m thinking we could use shock wave or something, but if we use either flash or shock wave, if you’ve ever played the Ubisoft game XIII (13) you’d know how their graphics were cartoon-y, yet still realistic. like, a realistic cartoon…. wait wasn’t that a redundant? whatever, but anyways, I’d like to go with the best quality possible for our users, but without using up an ungodly amount of money and time in the process.

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and then later once we get a bigger budget maybe a larger JAVA game

You have a current budget? Where do you plan on getting this ‘bigger budget’?

I’d like to go with the best quality possible for our users, and to make it nice n’ pretty

That takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

I am planning to sumbit it to Ubisoft, EA, Atari, and 2K games, and whichever one likes it the best and complies with our requests, AND bids the highest will get it

You are going to have a hard time getting those companies interested. Additionally, as I’ve said before – you cant enter enter a legal contract with anyone since you are under 18. If you plan on making this a serious project, you need your parents to sign the papers.

Dont set your goals above your reach. Start off small, then work your way up. You cant just jump into this when you have no experience at all, it takes time. Even experienced companies have difficulties and can go bankrupt doing large projects.

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Okay man, thanks for the insight and stuff, but my parents said "If I came up with a REALLY GOOD Idea, and worked very hard on it to get it done then they’d get the thing for me but whatever, you’re probably right….hold on I’m going to edit the posts.

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If you steal this Jesus, Mohamed, Allah, and the Jewish god, (Also Mohandis Gandhi , Buddha, and The Dahlia llama.

Technically, Buddha and the Dali llama (you misspelled Dali llama) would never kick someone’s ass, because buddhism is a religion of nonviolence, and neither would Gandhi, being an advocate and follower of nonviolence. Also, Allah is simply another name for the Jewish god, (“Allah” translates to God), and Christians believe that although the Jewish god is the father of Jesus, they are also one and the same (the concept of the trinity), and Jesus would not kick someones ass, because that would be a sin, and he is traditionally viewed as being without sin.

And typing poorly edited rambles can have the unfortunate effect of attracting random bored people to pick at you.

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Technically, Buddha and the Dali llama (you misspelled Dali llama) …

The correct spelling is Dalai Lama (and it should be capitalized).

A “llama” is a big furry animal, not the foremost scholar on Buddhist religion. Perhaps it’s best to get your own facts straight before criticizing others?

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back on topic:I think it would be cool to do a project with some members from kongregate but you should have a more realistic plan since a 3D third person adventure is going to be almost impossible in flash….

If you want to make something different make a good multiplayer game(just look at how popular kogregate racing is).

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right, you’re right, this is a long term goal, can’t get this done now. Well we could always make a small game for kongregate in the mean time to amp up our renown that way could get more support when we Do finally start the PROJECT in like 6 years >.<

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In the meantime, I highly suggest you learn some programming skills and work on a simple game.

Even if someone dropped all the programs you needed into your lap, you wouldn’t be able to produce a third-person shooting game. Gotta start small : )

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Is that really You?! The one and only?! Faints

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MajorJakobs have you ever made a game before? Try finishing a little project and get a feel for what it takes to make a game first. Don’t give up on your dreams or anything, just set that aside for a while until you have the skill set required to accomplish such ambitious projects.

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that sounds like a really good plot.

im glad i came up with it

thanks jakobs ;]

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I know I’m a little behind this posting, but I wanted to add a few comments. A solid 3D game that is going to interest top publishers is going to require no less than $1 million and a year’s dev time, and really should have more like a $3 – $5 million budget. As far as I know, none of the those companies have published any flash games, outside of EA’s Pogo subsidiary. Additionally, Java isn’t going to have the horsepower to run a top-level real time 3D game. These games are generally programmed in C++ these days, I believe.

That said, there’s been a lot of good comments about how to get started. Learn some programming and use Flash as a jump-off point. Get a good Flash game out there and perhaps you can use it in your resume. If you have the option at your school (can I assume you’re still in school?), take some programming classes. Also, consider taking some business classes as well if you want to start up your own dev company. Raising capital is hard and is the biggest challenge that I’m facing with my current (game dev) company – business classes/an MBA can help you with this. Really though, for amateur game dev, places like Kongregate are perfect – you can get help, feedback, and even some modest revenue. I only wish Flash would realize this and offer a cheaper licensing program for amateur developers – the $600+ price tag for Flash is hard to swallow if you’re just trying to figure out if you want to get into it as a hobby.

There’s a lot to be said for constained creativity. Don’t aim for 3D. Instead, figure out how to make it awesome in 2D. :-)

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I could do art, but from what you have posted, I think your dreaming too big. A small Flash game wouldn’t be much of a hassle to me, but a huge console game… that’s gonna be hard. Sure, Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin did it, but they had a lot of funding. What with owning Newgrounds and all. And their games aren’t 3D. Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers are both two dimensional.

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Yeah, to reiterate what they said… but I tried starting like you. I was excited about the world of programming, so I taught myself C++/DirectX/OpenGL… then a year later I realized making a game is close to the scale I was dreaming of was impossible at that age :( (I’ll assume your age since you’re still needing to ask your parents for copyright money). Like they said above, don’t give up on it… but start smaller. I actually got waylaid (sp?) and have been doing web design for a few years now in my spare time, but now after that I have the money to afford a copyright/legit art/legit soundwork. So yeah, if you really want to try and make a serious game that early on, I actually recommend you try getting into the gameboy homebrew world. They have a pretty good SDK (might be a bit hard to pick up if you don’t know C++ or another major language) and play with that. You can make games a lot closer to those made by professionals on the gameboy than on a computer/console, then you can use that (if its successful) as a stepping stone to make contacts, money, etc etc to launch into a bit higher.

Remember, the most popular game today (or close to it): Counterstrike, was made by a few guys in a basement over the course of 6 months… contrary to Introversion’s claim to being the last of the “bedroom programmers”, there’s still a lot of options for someone to start off small and fight their way to the top.

Good luck =^^=

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Ya, like everyone else says, start small and grow larger. I just started learning actionscript and my main goal is to make a decent game, but I kind of set a more realistic timeline where I would finish this said game by the end of summer in two years. I’m also starting smaller than games and I’m planning on making a good stick figure animation first before actually starting on games, so I can get basic flash down (just an example from starting small to large). All this takes time, but if you really set your mind to it and try hard, you can make a great game. PS java isnt the best thing to make a great game out of, kind of more of a small scale game. One of the only really great games made from java is runescape which I believe (correct me if im wrong) was made because someone challenged the producers that they couldnt make a great game out of java (so I’ve heard). PPS when I say runescape is a great game, I really mean extremely successful, but i was never that big of a fan myself.

“And please give more info im not going to join a project without knowing what im saying yes to. PS:it is flash right? PSS:Im a programmer”

While we are on the subject of grammer, it is PPS not PSS. PPS means post post script (or post postscriptum) while PSS would mean post scripts (resource: dictionary.com).

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Umm wait your just gonna give us a story lol and thats it what you think that your the only one that has good ideas lets see th game plan
as youcan see you arent doing much of the game