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Hi. I’m trying to figure out why I can’t take a string, string.fromcharcode(e.charcode), and put it into an array or something to hold that value. I tried putting it into a string, but then I can’t seem to look at that string later on when I trace it. I tried putting it into a textfield, but that give a similar problem.

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Been a while since I did AS3, but if I recall, AS3 arrays are nice in that they have the push method:

var pressed:Array= new Array();
//In your event listener:
var pressedChar:String = String.fromCharCode(e.charcode);

Then you can do whatever you want with that array.

If you’re still having issues, post the relevant code you have so far, and we can help you debug it.

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Post your code. You are probably doing something else wrong. Referencing the array in a local variable for example.